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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
1993Anisfeld, RachelAllegory and the Text in Rashi's Commentary on the Song of SongsHimmelfarb, Martha
2004De La Fuente, ZaraeliaAmerican Catholicism through the eyes of its Chicano believers: A Liberation Theology without Political ActivismHimmelfarb, Martha
2001Williams, Jessica ElinorAmerican Mambo: The Americanization of the Vodou ReligionHimmelfarb, Martha
2007Cerf, Robert F.Approaching Honesty: A Discussion of Julian’s First Panegyric and LifeHimmelfarb, Martha
2004Thompson, Devin JayA Civilization of Hate? A Look at Nordic Religions with Regards to White Supremacist IdeologyHimmelfarb, Martha
1993Urciuoli, Christian J.A.The Combat Myth Pattern in the Book of RevelationHimmelfarb, Martha
1996Vogl, DanCovenants of Exclusion: Communal Identity in the Dead Sea ScrollsHimmelfarb, Martha
2017Soun, MeganGod Alone or All in All: How God’s Future Separation or Reconciliation with Creation Informs Present Christian EatingHimmelfarb, Martha
1996Weis, Alison CaroleHasidism and Sigmund Freud: Spotlighting a Common StageHimmelfarb, Martha
2006Schwimmer, Robert I.Heavenly Beings: The Exaltation of Angels and Humans in Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic AscentsHimmelfarb, Martha
2007Reitz, Benjamin K.Individual Freedom and Religious Sustenance: Tradition, Modernity, and Meaning in AmericaHimmelfarb, Martha
2014Clark, James David KeaneInforming Worldviews: Jewish Reform, American Rabbis, and the Civil War’s Slavery QuestionHimmelfarb, Martha
1995Jones, Gwendolen C.D.Intersection of Heaven and Earth Angels, Humans and Hierarchy in Post-70 ApocalypsesHimmelfarb, Martha
1997Thal, AlonaJewish Commitment Ceremonies: Continuity and ChangeHimmelfarb, Martha
1997Minkus, RebeccaJewish Vegetarianism - - The Spiritual Ideal? A Pre-Sin and Post-Sin Examination: The Early Stories of Genesis and the Philosophy of Rabbi Abraham Isaac KookHimmelfarb, Martha
-Amihay, AryehLaw and Society in the Dead Sea ScrollsHimmelfarb, Martha
2007Eakin, TenleyMoral Values, Personhood, and Human Dignity as It Relates to Bioethics, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and New EugenicsHimmelfarb, Martha
2020Pelts, TaliOrnament of all Sepphoris? Images and Meaning-Making at the House of DionysusHimmelfarb, Martha
2006Gafford, Andrew J.Osama bin Laden and the Emergence of Islamic TerrorismHimmelfarb, Martha
2011Molen, Elisabeth BlairPaul’s Eschatological Purpose: Paul as Conduit of Interim Judgment in the Apocalypse of PaulHimmelfarb, Martha