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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Zadbood, AsiehA Case of Memory Reconstruction: Sharing Memories via CommunicationHasson, Uri; Norman, Kenneth
-Zadbood, AsiehA Case of Memory Reconstruction: Sharing Memories via CommunicationHasson, Uri; Norman, Kenneth
2016McMullin, MeghanAn Assessment of Modality Invariance to Explore Human Tendency towards Social ThinkingHasson, Uri
2012Tran, RebeccaBrains, BOLD Signals, and the Beatles: How Musicians and Nonmusicians Listen to MusicHasson, Uri
-Chow, Michael AnthonyDecoding 3 Categories of Conventional Wisdom in Pattern Similarity AnalysesHasson, Uri; Conway, Andrew R.A.
2020Marcu, TheodorDeep Learning for Mind Reading: Using Neural Networks to Forecast Neural SignalsKernighan, Brian W; Hasson, Uri; Narasimhan, Karthik
2019Fish, AlexanderThe Effect of Recurrent Depressive Episodes on Cognitive Impairment in Bipolar DisorderHasson, Uri
2016Houston, KristenEmotional Responses to Violent Media as a function of differential Belief StatesHasson, Uri
2018Rosen, MatthewHow the Brain Represents NarrativeHazan, Elad; Hasson, Uri
2020Kushan, MaddyInvestigating the Perception of Musical Form During Piano Using fMRIHasson, Uri
2014Wang, ChristineThe Netflix effect and remote(ly) shared experiences: How social media enables binge-viewingHasson, Uri
-Silbert, LaurenThe Neural Correlates of Real-World CommunicationHasson, Uri
2015Swanson, StephenNeuroZone: A Graphical Toolbox for Principled Analysis of Neuroscientific fMRI DataHasson, Uri
2010Thompson, Christopher R.Not Lost in Translation: Shared Neural Responses across LanguagesHasson, Uri
2014Wang, BiyangPredictability and Conceptual Similarity Structure in a Real-Life NarrativeHasson, Uri
2013Aguero-Sinclair, Lindsey RoseRole of Context and Listener-Generated Prediction in Comprehending Natural SpeechHasson, Uri
2011D'Alfonso, AlanaSeeing the Meaning: Higher-Order Neuroplastic Changes in the Time Scale of Processing within Early Visual Areas in the Congenitally BlindHasson, Uri
2019Wiggins, LukeSemantic Representations of Speech Predict Distributed Cortical Activity Related to Language ProcessingHasson, Uri
-Nguyen, Mai LinShared and idiosyncratic neural processing of naturalistic communication in the default mode networkHasson, Uri
-Regev, MorShared and Selective Neural Processes Across the Visual and Auditory Language ModalitiesHasson, Uri