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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Unger, Sarah MariaAliens, Education, and Equal Protection: The Origins and Implications of Plyler V. DoeHartog, Hendrik A.
1997Yeager, Victoria L.American by Choice, German at Heart: The Formation of a United German Identity Through the Process of Immigration to the United States in the Mid-Nineteenth CenturyHartog, Hendrik A.
1997Ellice, Jennifer A.Americans Most Loyal: The Japanese American Decision to Cooperate with Evacuation and Internment During WWIIHartog, Hendrik A.
2013Hollimon, Austin LewisAnd Then Began Jim Crow: The Cruickshank Trial as Precursor and Catalyst to the End of Black Political Equality During ReconstructionHartog, Hendrik A.
2011Sung, Emily MayBecoming "We": Marriage and Divorce at the Turn of the CenturyHartog, Hendrik A.
2005Coleman, Elisheva R.Call It Peace or Call It Treason: The Milligan Case and the Meaning of Loyalty in the Civil WarHartog, Hendrik A.
2017Srajer, Hannah"A Cause Common to All:" Finding Feminist Thought in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for WomenHartog, Hendrik A.
2003Zauner, Erika ElisabethThe Changing Attitudes of American Women Toward Sex, Marriage, Work, and Education as Reflected in REDBOOK Magazine from 1965-1975Hartog, Hendrik A.
2007Reber, Raegan A.Children's Rights and Corporal Punishment in America: A Historical PerspectiveHartog, Hendrik A.
2007O'Connor, Jack D.A Connecticut Yankee? The Jonathan Robbins Case and 1790s AmericaHartog, Hendrik A.
2002Moore, Larkin MichelleConsulting for the Future: The Technical Advisory Corporation of New York, 1913-1930Hartog, Hendrik A.
2007Bilir, Claire A.Creating Yosemite: A Turning Point in the Evolving Historical Traditions of Land LawsHartog, Hendrik A.
2006Garcia, EnisDiscovering the History of the Family: How Young Historians Transformed Social History in America in the 20th CenturyHartog, Hendrik A.
1997Ellman, Andrea B.The Frye Standard Revisited: A Guideline for the Admissibility of Scientific EvidenceHartog, Hendrik A.
2011Ughetta, Eloise AndersonHow A Zoo Happened: The History of the Central Park MenagerieHartog, Hendrik A.
2003Kimble, John GrahamInsuring Inequality: The Role of the Federal Housing Administration in the Urban Ghettoization of African-AmericansHartog, Hendrik A.
1996Wyant, John H.Jackie Robinson: Pioneer in Baseball, Politics, Housing and Civil RightsHartog, Hendrik A.
2002Cipolla, Joseph J.Making a Case for Durham: A History of Durham v. United States (1954)Hartog, Hendrik A.
2017Gellman, LilyMarginally Genre-Savvy: A Queer American Essay AssemblageHartog, Hendrik A.