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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Lerner, Alexandra (Alix)Aging in Bondage: Slavery, Debility, and the Problem of Dependency in the Antebellum SouthHartog, Hendrik
2019Jiranek, JackTHE AMERICAN BLACKSTONE: The Inception, Creation, and Dissemination of a Legal Treatise in the Early RepublicHartog, Hendrik
2014Angelica, PeterTHE AMERICAN LEGAL PRACTICE OF THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, 1804-1827Hartog, Hendrik
-Axtell, MatthewAmerican Steamboat Gothic: Disruptive Commerce and Slavery's Liquidation, 1832-1865Hartog, Hendrik
2009Smart, David SolomonBlack Power Pluralism: The Promise of African-American Politics on the Eve of the Reagan Era, 1968-1980Hartog, Hendrik
-Ramnath, KalyaniBoats in a Storm: Law, Politics, and Jurisdiction in Postwar South AsiaHartog, Hendrik; Prakash, Gyan
-Kastner, TalThe Boilerplate of Everything and the Ideal of Agreement in American Law and LiteratureGleason, William; Hartog, Hendrik
-Manners, JaneCongress and the Problem of Legislative Discretion, 1790-1870Hartog, Hendrik
-Prifogle, Emily AliseCows, Cars, and Criminals: The Legal Landscape of the Rural Midwest, 1920-1975Hartog, Hendrik
2019Perelmuter, BenThe Discovery of Discretion: Indeterminacy, Executive Power, and the Criminal Prosecutor in Postwar Legal ThoughtHartog, Hendrik
1994Moylan, Andrew C.Evolution of Slave Marriage Law in the State of AlabamaHartog, Hendrik
2019Brown, Marcia'Faith Without Works is Dead:' Stories of Slavery, Immediatism, and Christianity in the BorderlandHartog, Hendrik
2008Gorin, Arielle R."Fellows, it's your magazine": Journalism at the Idaho State Penitentiary 1939-1976Hartog, Hendrik
1994Juma, Sorrayah A.An Intellectual History of Jury MitigationHartog, Hendrik
2019Mangan, IsabellaLET THERE BE LIGHT! Light and Air as Property During Construction of the Elevated Railroad in Nineteenth Century New York CityHartog, Hendrik
1994Peacock, Philip H.Lynching and the Southern Extralegal TraditionHartog, Hendrik
-Morey, MaribelThe Making of "An American Dilemma" (1944): The Carnegie Corporation, Gunnar Myrdal, and the Unlikely Roots of Modern Civil Rights DiscourseHartog, Hendrik; Katz, Stanley N.
2008Extein, Brian E.Managing the Media: A History of Regulation and Concentration in American Radio and TelevisionHartog, Hendrik
1999Charles, ClaudiaThe Moynihan Report: The Making of a National ControversyHartog, Hendrik
2014Lazerwitz, SamuelThe Mtoro’s Nearest Woods: Resistance, Testimony, and Empire in the British Consular Court in Zanzibar, 1877-1879Hartog, Hendrik