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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Schwartz, SaulThe Afterlives of Language: Chiwere Preservation as a Revitalization MovementLederman, Rena; Hammoudi, Abdellah
2010Sansalone, Miguel D.American Imperialism and the Gift of Indian PeopleHammoudi, Abdellah
2005Pourakis, Virginia A.Being Greek and Greek Orthodox in America: An Identity Crisis?Hammoudi, Abdellah
2007Talib, Mahino A.Clashing Cultures: The Emirati Woman’s Response to Hyper-globalization in DubaiHammoudi, Abdellah
1997Sedra, Paul DouglasClass Cleavages and Ethnic Conflict: Coptic Christian Communities in Modern Egyptian PoliticsHammoudi, Abdellah
2013Young, GabrielleConcrete Jungle: Mitigating the Complexities of Urban Youth Violence in Kingston, JamaicaHammoudi, Abdellah
2013Gee, EliotCrossing the Bridge: A Foreign Teacher’s Impressions of Education in Rural ChinaHammoudi, Abdellah
2001Starke, Robert MichaelA Culture of Risk: An Anthropological Investigation of RiskHammoudi, Abdellah
2001Nguyen, Trang QuynhDeconstructing Madame Butterfly: The Western Gaze on Japanese WomenHammoudi, Abdellah
2003Madueme, Linda EbeleDeep, Deep Inside: The Ritualized Body & The Semantics of Dance in New York's Underground House Scene as Contextualized Cultural SpaceHammoudi, Abdellah
2004Gates, Julian WendeA Delicate Dialectic: Examining Anthropological Approaches to the Human Rights DiscourseHammoudi, Abdellah
2000Wood, Charles Edwin Peterson, Jr.The Dome Village: A Study of a Transitional Housing Community for the HomelessHammoudi, Abdellah
2000Quirk, ThomasEconomics in American and Global NarrativeHammoudi, Abdellah
-Amoah , Quincy JEjok! Experience, Language, and Aesthetico-Moral Expression in KaramojaHammoudi, Abdellah; Greenhouse, Carol J.
1993Patnaik, AnitaElusive Ideals of Hindu Womanhood: Complexities in Traditional and Modern ConstructionsHammoudi, Abdellah
2004Stiver, Alexandra Elizabeth ArijaFATed?: Obesity in Contemporary AmericaHammoudi, Abdellah
2008Lam, Heidi K.From America to Amerika: Consuming and Negotiating the Japanese SelfHammoudi, Abdellah
1996Shendure, JayHomunculi, Polyps and the Generation of BeingsHammoudi, Abdellah
1993Pike, Amanda HendersonHow to Transform an Ancient Chinese Abacus into a Valuable Paperweight: A Study of Material-Tourism in Mail-Order Catalogues and Museum Gift ShopsHammoudi, Abdellah
2012Szeto, Sabrina Hui LingIdentity and Authenticity in Folk Music and Dance from Dalsfjord, NorwayHammoudi, Abdellah