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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Kang, HyungjuneBargaining When Players Disagree on the Stability of the State of the WorldGul, Faruk
1996Rowan, Kristin ElizabethConsequences of Choice: The Private/Public Schooling Decision and Its Affects on School QualityGul, Faruk
2010Staine, RossThe Effect of the NCAA Cartel’s Superstructure on the Revenue Generated by College Football TeamsGul, Faruk
-Steverson, Christopher KaiEssays in Applied Game Theory and Political EconomyGul, Faruk
-Chauvin, Kyle PatrickEssays in Applied Microeconomic TheoryGul, Faruk; Chassang, Sylvain
-Ravid, DoronEssays on Attention in EconomicsGul, Faruk
-Lu, JayEssays on Beliefs and BehaviorGul, Faruk
-Jakobsen, Alexander MagnusEssays on Bounded Rationality and Information ProcessingGul, Faruk; Pesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Ortner, JuanEssays on Continuous-Time BargainingGul, Faruk
-Ke, ShaoweiEssays on Decision TheoryGul, Faruk; Pesendorfer, Wolfgang
-Sezer, IlhanEssays on Political EconomyGul, Faruk
-Zhao, ChenEssays on Probabilistic Belief Revision and UpdatingGul, Faruk
2000Baine, AndrewAn Experimental Test of the Endowment Effect with Risky ProspectsGul, Faruk
2011Faux, GeoffreyThe Five Ring Fallacy: Determining the True Economic Value of the 1996 Olympic GamesGul, Faruk
2010Andrews, RichardGiving Customers a Choice: Examining the Effect of Retail Competition on the Electric Power IndustryGul, Faruk
2005Manea, MihaiInduced Preferences, Portfolio Choice and Intertemporal Income SubstitutionGul, Faruk
2000Fitzgerald, RashondaInternet Technology and Its Impact on the US Recording IndustryGul, Faruk
2000Krause, ThomasIs the Over/Under Sports Betting Market Efficient? An Empirical AnalysisGul, Faruk
-Ruderman, Meixia ZhangA Model of Online Publishing: the Case of arXiv.orgGul, Faruk
2020Hahn, SallyMonopolists with a Constant Flow of Buyers over Infinite Periods: Subgame Perfect Nash EquilibriumGul, Faruk; Fickenscher, Jonathan