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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Petkova, MarielaAbsolute Counts of mRNA Molecules: Addressing Developmental Reproducibility in the Fly EmbryoGregor, Thomas
-Barinov, LevCharacterization of the spatiotemporal architecture of the genome and its relevance to biological functionGregor, Thomas
2010Kneeland, ThomasDependence of the Drosophila Bicoid Gradient on the bicoid mRNA DistributionGregor, Thomas
2013Khalandovsky, RebeccaDistinguishing Biochemical Noise From Population Variability in Drosophila DevelopmentGregor, Thomas
2019Balasubramanian, RuchitaEndogenous Visualization and Manipulation of Genes in the Gap Gene Regulatory Network in Developing D. melanogasterGregor, Thomas
-Mestler, TroyExcitable Signal Relay and Emergent Behavior in Dictyostelium DiscoideumGregor, Thomas
-Tikhonov, MikhailIdentifying details that matter: fruit fly development, genetic regulation, and microbial ecologyBialek, William; Gregor, Thomas
2012Morrison, Alexander HooverThe Intrinsic Dynamics of the Drosophila Gap Gene Network Corrects for Bicoid Dosage Perturbations in the Early EmbryoGregor, Thomas
2013Malcolm, RobertMeasurement of Transcriptional Dynamics in Early Drosophila DevelopmentGregor, Thomas
2015Lin, AlbertMeasuring Gene Expression Noise A Window to the Molecular Mechanisms of TranscriptionGregor, Thomas
2014Yi, DarvinMotion-Signal Correlation and Decision Making in the Social Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideumGregor, Thomas
2010Pillar, VeronicaNoise, Correlations, and Information Transfer in Small Genetic NetworksGregor, Thomas
2010Acosta-Kane, DanielNumerical Simulation of Dictyostelium Aggregation: A Cyclic AMP, Active Receptor, and Cell Density ModelGregor, Thomas
2010Gordon, AndrewThe Onset of Aggregation in Dictyostelium discoideumGregor, Thomas
2020Vercelli, GabrielPredator Invasion of a Bacterial BiofilmGregor, Thomas
2012Chun, BryanQuantification of Zygotic Hunchback mRNA Profiles in Response to Bicoid Gradient ManipulationsGregor, Thomas
-Dubuis, Julien OlivierQuantifying positional information during early embryonic developmentBialek, William; Gregor, Thomas
-Smith, Eric MichaelScaling and regulation of gene expression in the developing fly embryoGregor, Thomas
2011Scheeler, Martin WilliamScaling in Biological Patterns: An Experimental Investigation of Scaling in the Bicoid GradientGregor, Thomas
2015Hansen, ThomasStatistical Analysis of Transcription Locations in Early Drosophila DevelopmentGregor, Thomas