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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Nolle III, Paul Adams“An Act of God” The Dismantlement of Glass-SteagallGreene, Molly
2021Hardy, EricThe American Monomyth: Reevaluating the 1980s Wave of Antiheroism in Comic LiteratureGreene, Molly
2001Campbell, III, DonovanAn Analysis of the 1973 Arab-Israeli Conflict: An Unlimited Limited WarGreene, Molly
2007Porcella, Maria L.Base Ecclesial Communities in the Dominican Republic: The Positive Effects of Liberation TheologyGreene, Molly
-Ellis, Matthew HalBetween Empire and Nation: The Emergence of Egypt's Libyan Borderland, 1841-1911Greene, Molly
2002Achterberg, Ryan JosephBringing Out The Dead: The Modern Revival of the Olympic GamesGreene, Molly
2000Line, Joshua ChristopherThe Compulsory Exchange Between Greece and Turkey: Failure of the Postwar ConsensusGreene, Molly
2005Umeh, AdrienneConflict and Resolution: Examining Mormon Relations to Mainstream America in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturyGreene, Molly
-Sekulic, AnaConversion of the Landscape: Environment and Religious Politics in an Early Modern Ottoman TownGreene, Molly
1997Chilstrom, Per BenjaminThe Development of Zionist Military Forces During the Second World WarGreene, Molly
2006Taylor, PatrickEngland's Turbulent Relations with Mediterranean Corsairs: A Lesson in PowerGreene, Molly
2015Peard, Bowen M.The Fight for Modern Turkey: The Ascendance of the Justice and Development Party in the Turkish State in face of Resistance by the Secularist EstablishmentGreene, Molly
-Artun, TunaHearts of Gold and Silver: The Production of Alchemical Knowledge in the Early Modern Ottoman WorldGreene, Molly
2010Dodds, Eric FisherHow to Handle Piracy: The Response of the Crown to English Piracy on Both Sides of the Atlantic, 1580-1730Greene, Molly
1995Naidenov, Alexander"Imperial Justice of the Peace": The Experience of General Sir John Maxwell in ruling over civil societyGreene, Molly
1997Pierre, Vermon S.In the Name of God: The Ideological Origins and Framing of the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaGreene, Molly
2011Campbell, Chase PaulThe Legacy of a Revolution at the World of Tomorrow: Turkish National Identity at the 1939/1940 New York World's FairGreene, Molly
2001Nomikos, Peter ConstantinePhilanthropy and Imperialism: The Historical Precedents of the Greek Refugee Loan, 1923-24Greene, Molly
2003Weigand, Andrea ElizabethThe Playground of Empire: Nationalism, Imperialism, and the Pursuit of Pleasure in British Mountaineering Through 1914Greene, Molly
1997Lief, Joshua B.Safety and Sovereignty: The Struggle Between Sultanic Protection and Communal Autonomy for the Jews of Safed in 1576-1578 as Evidence of the Gradual Decline of Centralized Ottoman ControlGreene, Molly