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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2021Hurley, NoahCiphers, Substitutions and Steganography: A Study of the Development of English Cryptography Throughout the 16th and 17th CenturiesGrafton, Anthony
1996Laureno, Rachel AllisonThe Critical Reaction to Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward: An Analysis of Political Rhetoric Among the Intellectual Elite, 1888-1891Grafton, Anthony
2021Bollinger, BenjaminEccentricity and Genius in Isaac D'Israeli's Literary HistoryGrafton, Anthony
2019Moses, NathanielExegetical Encounters: Edward Pococke’s Bible and Seventeenth-Century OrientalismGrafton, Anthony
-Rothman, AvivaFar From Every Strife: Kepler's Search for Harmony in an Age of DiscordGrafton, Anthony
-Bick, Alexander BrownGoverning the Free Sea: The Dutch West India Company and Commercial Politics, 1618-1645Grafton, Anthony
2005Silver, Alexandra LouiseI Romanzieri E Gli Ammalati: Italo Svevo, James Joyce, and PsychoanalysisGrafton, Anthony
2000Robles, John ArmandoJohn Owen and Richard Baxter: Continuity and Divergence in the Pursuit of GodlinessGrafton, Anthony
-Hausse, HeidiLife and Limb: Technology, Surgery, and Bodily Loss in Early Modern Germany, 1500-1700Grafton, Anthony
-Calis, Richard AlexanderMartin Crusius (1526-1607) and the Discovery of Ottoman GreeceGrafton, Anthony
2014Patton, MaryamMirror of the Celestial Spheres: Noël Duret, Ibrahim Efendi, and Early Ottoman Contact with CopernicusGrafton, Anthony
2000Gill, Amanda BransonA Nursery of Souls, A Mine of Riches: The Massachusetts Drawing Act of 1870Grafton, Anthony
1997Corwin, Laura ElizabethPatronage and Power: How Renaissance Popes Used Art, Literature, and ArchitectureGrafton, Anthony
2021Zhang, Wei Xiao "Joanna"A Place of Influence, An Inheritance of Generation: Mapping Epistemology, Authority, and Anthropology in Albertus Magnus’s DE NATURA LOCILorenz, Hendrik; Grafton, Anthony
2014Botstein, MaximPopular History in an Age of Scholarship Gustav Freytag’s Bilder aus der deutschen VergangenheitGrafton, Anthony
2015Race, JasmineRabbinic Wisdom in Christian Hands: Paul Fagius on Pirkei Avot (1541)Grafton, Anthony
-Lit, JebroA Reformation of Tears: Christianity and the Invention of Modern EmotionsGrafton, Anthony
2006Larroque, Giselle Y.A Schism In The Spanish Soul: Historical Perceptions of Spain as Seen through the Legends of Don RodrigoGrafton, Anthony
-Podhurst, Suzanne JoyThe Scriblerians Uncensored: Libel, Encryption, and the Making of Copyright in Eighteenth-Century Britain and IrelandGrafton, Anthony
-Growhoski, Matthew ThomasThe Secret History of a “Secret War”: John Barclay, His Satyricon, and the Politicization of Literary Scholarship in Early Modern Europe, 1582-1621Grafton, Anthony; Peter, Lake