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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Reilly, John PatrickA Temperature Driven Method For Structural Health MonitoringGlisic, Branko
2019Hallee, MitchellAutomated Image-Based Crack Detection in Masonry Structures: A Novel Application of Convolutional Neural NetworksGlisic, Branko
2020Yanez, JoseAutonomous Land Surveying Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)Glisic, Branko
2010Liew, KennethBridging Art and Engineering: Structural Art and Performance Analysis of the Streicker BridgeGlisic, Branko
2015Anastase, CristinaComfort in outdoor spaces: An exploration of the urban microclimateGlisic, Branko
-Abdel-Jaber, HibaComprehensive Strain-based Methods for Monitoring Prestressed Concrete Beam-like ElementsGlisic, Branko
2014Learner, ElizaThe Costs and Benefits of Green Roof Retrofits: A Case Study of a Green Roof Installation on Lewis Thomas LaboratoryGlisic, Branko
2017Douglas, IsabellaCuba's National School of Ballet: Redefining a Structural IconGlisic, Branko
2013Mehrotra, AnjaliDeconstructing the Dome: A Structural Analysis of the Taj MahalGlisic, Branko
2014Flanigan, Katherine AnnDetermination of Deformed Shape from Dynamic Long-Gage Strain MeasurementGlisic, Branko
2018Blyth, AnnaDevelopment of Workflows for Preservation Engineering: A Case Study of the Morris Island LighthouseGlisic, Branko
-Napolitano, RebecacDiagnosing masonry structures using advanced sensing techniques, physics-based modeling, and supervised learningGlisic, Branko
-Yao, YaoDirect Damage Detection Using Advanced Sensing TechnologiesGlisic, Branko
2018Wojton, KatherineDuomo di Milano: Evaluating a City and its CathedralChiaramonte, Maurizio; Glisic, Branko
2017Kavanaugh, CorrieEvaluation of Long-Term Behavior of Neutral Axis and its Performance in Detecting Structural DamageGlisic, Branko
2013Tan, MelodyExploration of the Deployability and Structural Efficiency of a Simpli ed Tensegrity BridgeGlisic, Branko
-Kliewer, KaitlynFiber Optic Methods for Structural Health Monitoring based on Dynamic Curvature and DisplacementGlisic, Branko
-Morris, Isabel MaeGround penetrating radar attributes for nondestructive characterization of concreteGlisic, Branko
2017Marek, RachelThe Influence of Sensor Length on Strain Measurement at Locations of Concentrated ForcesGlisic, Branko
2018Kennedy, KatieJinkieng Jri: An Engineering Documentation, Translation, and Optimization Analysis of Meghalaya's Living Root BridgesGlisic, Branko; Garlock, Maria; Chiaramonte, Maurizio