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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2001Giovanielli, Tina RandAddicted to Love: Stories of Frustration in Love and Society by Thomas Hardy, Edith Wharton, and Margaret MitchellGleason, William
2011Halpern, Ilana MiriamThe American Novel As EthnographyGleason, William
1994Bayer, Gregory ScottThe American Outsider's Struggle for Success in the Early Twentieth-Century BildungsromanGleason, William
2010Bolten, Rachel HeiseAmerican Panorama!Gleason, William
2012Jean-Pierre, Marlise Gabriel(Artistic Interchange): Bridging the Mentally Ill with the Psychiatric Communities of New OrleansGleason, William
2023Garner, EmilyThe Beautiful and the Deadly: Unraveling the Evolution of the Siren in Art and LiteratureGleason, William
-Kucik, EmanuelaBlack Genocides and the Visibility Paradox in Post-Holocaust African American and African LiteratureGleason, William; Belcher, Wendy
2024Buhay, WilliamThe “Blockbuster Auteurism” of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby: Evaluating the auteur’s role in adapting classic literature into the modern blockbusterGleason, William
-Kastner, TalThe Boilerplate of Everything and the Ideal of Agreement in American Law and LiteratureGleason, William; Hartog, Hendrik
1994Simmers, Taylor W.Crane, Hemingway, and Heller: Growth Under Fire in Three Modern American War NovelsGleason, William
1994Sloan, III, William M.Defending the Freedom of Expression: An Analysis of American Theatrical CensorshipGleason, William
2001Johansen, Margaret LeslieDefying the Damsel: Myth, Reality, and the Women of the American WestGleason, William
2007Sittenfeld, Alexander P.G.The Distance to Princeton [restricted until 2057]Gleason, William
2020Young, CharityEros and Substance in "Near to the Wild Heart"Gleason, William
2020Hopkins, EmmaFactors in Play: A Deep, Literary Perspective on the Development of American PlaygroundsGleason, William
2002Kleinerman, RebeccaFashionable Wits: Three New York Intellectual Women and Their StoriesGleason, William
2006Donahue, MeganFishing the Waters of Life: An Exploration of the Healing Effects of Narrative Therapy in A River Runs Through It and Big FishGleason, William
1997Zornoza, AndrewFrom H.U.D. to Hollywood: Image vs. Identity in Cultural Representations of Native AmericansGleason, William
2006Mongan, WilliamFrom White Crosses to White Picket: The Role of Crisis and the Social Ethic in Joseph Heller's FictionGleason, William
2023Caballero, AnneMarieGendered Topics: Boyhood and Girlhood in a Century of (Cotsen) Children’s LiteratureNarasimhan, Karthik; Gleason, William