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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Jarvis, Jill MarieAbsent Witness: The Politics of Fiction in the Postcolony (Algeria 1962-2003)Baer, Ben C; Gikandi, Simon
2010Webster, Daniel AaronAll Changed, Changed Utterly- A Terrible Beauty is Born: Violence and Identity for the Culturally Mobile OtherGikandi, Simon
2010Cowin, David Hamilton"Baby We Born to Run" The Influence of Migration and Movement on American Popular MusicGikandi, Simon
2018Wicki, OliviaBetween Homelands: The Refugee in Twenty-First Century British NovelsGikandi, Simon
2006Droney, Olivia K.Capturing the Hearts of a Nation: The Legacy of Slavery and the Romance Novels of Charlotte Brontë, Margaret Mitchell, and Jean RhysGikandi, Simon
2008Keene, Stephanie A.Contemporary Antiquities: The Multicultural Epic's Search for Space in Zadie Smith's "White Teeth" and Patrick Chamoiseau's "Texaco"Gikandi, Simon
2010Taylor, Jessica Alexandra"Everything is quite wet!": The Body and its Fluids in the Works of Sarah RuhlGikandi, Simon
2010Munford, Mary ReidExamining the Past: Construction of the Family in Neo-slave NarrativesGikandi, Simon
2016Gyarkye, LoviaFrom Spectacles to Spectators: Exploring Styles of Cosmopolitanism in Twentieth Century and Contemporary Black LiteratureGikandi, Simon
2012Yu, E. L.Generations of Silence: Cannonical English Characters in Postcolonial TextsGikandi, Simon
2013Furgatch, SarahThe Happily Ever Aftermath: Re-imagining the Canonized Fairy Tale In Literature and FilmGikandi, Simon
2016Kwon, SeongjinImperialism and Identity:Postcolonial Concerns in Irish and Franco-Caribbean LiteraturesGikandi, Simon
2006Stachowicz, EmmaMiscegenation and the Colored Question in South African Literature: The Works of Sarah Gertrude MillinGikandi, Simon
-Padilla, JavierModernist Poetry and the Poetics of Temporality: Between Modernity and ColonialityGikandi, Simon; Chaudhary, Zahid
2013Schneider, KarisThe Personification of Death in the Graphic NovelGikandi, Simon
2015Sung, JosephRaja Rao and G. V. Desani: Hindu Spirituality and Literary InnovationGikandi, Simon
2005Scharschmidt, BrentRealism, Animals, and Women in J. M. Coetzee's DisgraceGikandi, Simon
2005Slonaker, Leigh SheridanRelation and Alienation: Toni Morrison's Female Protagonists' Struggles with Life, Love and SelfGikandi, Simon
2005Lee, Alexandra ChristinaRushdie to Kushner: Evolution of HybridityGikandi, Simon
2014Emiola, RashidatSeeing is Believing Power and the Occult in Nigerian Christian Video FilmsGikandi, Simon