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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Sicurelli, Robert JamesAdvanced Pulse Shape Discrimination Algorithms for the Direct Detection of WIMPs in DarkSide-10Galbiati, Cristiano
2012Chang, Eliza J.Analysis of Mach4 Muon Tracking for the BOREXINO Collaboration's Time-of-Flight Precision Measurement of CNGS NeutrinosGalbiati, Cristiano
-Xiang, XinCherenkov Related Backgrounds in the DarkSide-50 ExperimentGalbiati, Cristiano; Meyers, Peter
-Mosteiro, PabloFirst measurement of pp neutrinos in real time in the Borexino detectorGalbiati, Cristiano
-Qian, HaoNeutron Veto Efficiency of the DarkSide-50 DetectorGalbiati, Cristiano
2012Long, XiaoyangPosition Reconstruction in DarkSide Direct Dark Matter SearchGalbiati, Cristiano
-Saldanha, Richard NigelPrecision Measurement of the 7Be Solar Neutrino Interaction Rate in BorexinoGalbiati, Cristiano
2012Chong, JoannePrecision neutrino time of flight measurement in BorexinoGalbiati, Cristiano
2007Marks, Daniel S.Preliminary WARP Analysis and Argon ProcessingGalbiati, Cristiano
2005Cooper, ArianaSearching for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos in Water: Is Acoustic Detection a Promising Approach?Galbiati, Cristiano
-Cao, HuajieA Study of Nuclear Recoils in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for the Direct Detection of WIMP Dark MatterGalbiati, Cristiano
-Chavarria, Alvaro EugenioStudy on pep and CNO solar neutrino interaction rates in BorexinoGalbiati, Cristiano
-Loer, Ben MichaelTowards a Depleted Argon Time Projection Chamber WIMP Search: DarkSide Prototype Analysis and Predicted SensitivityGalbiati, Cristiano