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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2007Besson, Eric ToliverAgency and the Middle Voice in HomerFord, Andrew
2000Klipper, Alexander AaronAuthorizing the Cosmos - A Narratological Study of Hesiod's DesignFord, Andrew
2008Lewis, Tamara L.A Critical Engagement: Plato, Aristotle and the Visual Arts of Their TimeFord, Andrew
2009Juel-Larsen, Michael G.Di vine Anxiety and Mortal Piety in the Homeric HymnsFord, Andrew
2013Rattner, Daniel I.“DO NOT REJECT ME, SISTER”: Demands on the sister-sister bond in Sophocles’ Antigone and ElectraFord, Andrew
2012Bembenek, AaronThe Drafts of Ezra Pounds' Women of Trachis Volumns I & IIFord, Andrew
2003Townsend, Emily BentFilm Craft in Aeschylus: A Story Board of the OresteiaFord, Andrew
2012Mannix, AlexandraA Free Translation of Euripides' HippolytusFord, Andrew
2013Reiser, Brian T.The Girl on the Altar: Iphigenia in Attic DramaFord, Andrew
2009Woyak, Justin M.Gospel in the Gospels: A Comparative Study of Εὐαγγέλιον in Mark, Matthew, and Paul In Mark, Matthew, and PaulFord, Andrew
2000Houghton, Nancy CarlynnIsmene (A Novella)Ford, Andrew
2012Hammer, AbigailThe Orphic Hymns A New TranslationFord, Andrew
-Zuckerberg, DonnaThe Oversubtle Maxim Chasers: Euripides, Aristophanes, and their Reciprocal Pursuit of Poetic IdentityFord, Andrew
2001Hladek, Nicholas VincentPoesis et Ista Poetica: De Proelio Platonis Philosophico contra Opus Homericum in Populo AtheniensiFord, Andrew
1999O'Dea, ErinPoets and Prizes: Parody in Aristophanes' FrogsFord, Andrew
2008Leemputte, Mary C.The Power of the Feminine: Gods, Mortals, and Cosmic Change in the Homeric HymnsFord, Andrew
2008Lederman, Harvey S.Reading to Write and Writing to Read: Dionysius of Halicarnassus and the Arrangement of WordsFord, Andrew
-Touyz, PaulSatyrplay as GenreFord, Andrew
2016Kim, Daniel S.Studies of Oral Poetics and "Imitation" in the TheognideaFord, Andrew
2005Litvack, Chaya AmyThe Value of Mortal Limitations: A Study of Euripides' Alcestics, Hippolytus and the BacchaeFord, Andrew