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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Lugardo, Jaylin"And Here I Stand, A God Incognito": Optics, Religion, and Space in Philip II's PoliticsFlower, Michael
2009Arcenas, Scott L.The Democratic Accident? Cleisthenes, Ephialtes, and their 'democratic' programs of reform Cleisthenes, Ephialtes, and their ‘democratic’ programs of reform.Flower, Michael
2008Loevner, Caroline R.Ere Our Troubles ComeFlower, Michael
2007Jackson, KassandraThe Magic of Homer: Homer in the Greek Magical PapyriFlower, Michael
2013Combe, JeanmarieMilieu of Madness: A Psychological Analysis of Aeschylus’ OresteiaFlower, Michael
2007Hession, Katharine C.The "Olympic Village" without Frills: Dirt, Glory, and Entertainment at the Panhellenic GamesFlower, Michael
2012Hicks, EliasThe Peloponnesian War and the American War in Vietnam: Missed Opportunities in Peace and DiplomacyFlower, Michael
2011Breuer, LindseyPlutarch's πνευμα: Potent Perfume of the Delphic Oracle and an Inclination to Rationalize Mantic ProphecyFlower, Michael
2009Davis, Madeline J.“Prepare for Glory!” The Battle of Thermopylae in Modern Film and Fiction The Battle of Thermopylae in Modern Film and FictionFlower, Michael
2005Hall, Philip ScorzaThe Rise of Greek Rational Medicine and the Hippocratic EthicsFlower, Michael
-Kingsley, Katie ScarlettThe New Science: Herodotus' Historical Inquiry and Presocratic PhilosophyFlower, Michael
2016Marquardt, Savannah K.S.The 'Thracian Artemis' and Other Fictions: Ethnicity, Religion, and Syncretism in the Cult of BendisFlower, Michael
2005Zamir, TalThe Ties that Bind - Military, Financial, and Social Implications of Periclean SynoecismFlower, Michael
2013Bensch-Schaus, AmeliaA Twist on Fate: The Concepts and Terminology of Fate in Homeric EpicFlower, Michael
2014Rose, Sarah L.Woman on Stage: Martha Graham’s Interpretation of Classical Myth through DanceFlower, Michael