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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2021E, Ilene2.5D Animation in Blender: Combining 2D Tweening, 3D Context, and Physics Simulation Toward 2.5D Simulated Keyframe AnimationFinkelstein, Adam
1999Buck, Ian AndrewAnimated Teleconferencing: Video Driven Facial AnimationFinkelstein, Adam
2018Hamburger, MitchellAutomatic Cinematography using Pans and Cuts in 360-Degree VideoFinkelstein, Adam
2000Tandon, DevBroadcast Data Dissemination Frameworks & Algorithms: Past, Present, and FutureFinkelstein, Adam
2002Davidson, PhilipCoherent Silhouette Extraction and Propagation for Interactive NPR EnvironmentsFinkelstein, Adam
-Lu, JingwanData-driven Digital Drawing and PaintingFinkelstein, Adam
2017Wallace, DrewExploring Design Spaces for TetrisFinkelstein, Adam
1999Milliron, Timothy S.A Framework for Geometric Warps and Deformations in Computer GraphicsFinkelstein, Adam
2020Park, June HoGeneralized Automatic Cinematography of 360\(\circ\) VideosFinkelstein, Adam
2000Li, WilmotA Hybrid System for Rendering Stylized Strokes in Real-timeFinkelstein, Adam
2020Uberoy, UrvashiLearning and Simulating Human Movement in Public SpacesFinkelstein, Adam; Besler, Erin D
2022Miron, JackMany-to-One Voice Conversion Using Deep LearningFinkelstein, Adam
-Wolf, KatieAnna ElizabethMethods for Personalized Design of Data SonificationFiebrink, Rebecca; Finkelstein, Adam
2021O'Leary, NatalieNeon Waves: A Model for Computer Generated Simulation of Bioluminescent Ocean WavesFinkelstein, Adam; Kim, Theodore
2021Teodorescu, IoanaOptimized Controls for Computer Graphics ShadersFinkelstein, Adam
2014Benjamin, MarkPainting With TrianglesFinkelstein, Adam
2010Lewellen, JacobPatchWeb: An Extension of PatchMatchFinkelstein, Adam
-Chang, HuiwenPersonal Photo EnhancementFinkelstein, Adam
-Fried, OhadPhoto Manipulation, The Easy WayFinkelstein, Adam
2000Fujito, BrianShadows for Cel AnimationFinkelstein, Adam