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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Shteingart, JacobA Proxy for the Future: Desires, Interests, and Increased Power for ProxiesElga, Adam
2010Rabinowitz, RobinArguing for a Holistic MoralityElga, Adam
2013Guo, DannyThe Cautious Moralizer: An Argument for Taking Evolutionary Ethics SeriouslyElga, Adam
-Isaacs, Yoaav IsaacsDecision Theory and Deep IgnoranceElga, Adam
-Hershey, JoshuaEntropy and the Asymmetry of TimeElga, Adam
2010Krauss, Samuel FoxEpistemic Implications of Moral DisagreementElga, Adam
2019Vinh, RyanFriendship, Epistemic Norms, and BeliefElga, Adam
2010Garnier, David JamesThe Governmental Limitations of PrivacyElga, Adam
2012Wage, MattHow Important Is It To Reduce The Risks Of Human Extinction?Elga, Adam
2014Thompson, Evan“It’s Just a Game:” Emotions and Rational Decision-MakingElga, Adam
2011Radhakrishnan, ShivaniLosing Your Moorings: Kripke's Dogmatism Paradox and Moorean ResponsesElga, Adam
-Meehan, AlexanderOn the Epistemology of Physical ProbabilityHalvorson, Hans; Elga, Adam
2019Christ, MirandaPermissivism and its Consequences for an Imaginary Role ModelElga, Adam
2016Patton, JessPhysicalism, Searle, and the Chinese RoomElga, Adam
-Shiller, DerekProbability: The Concept and Its Rules of UseElga, Adam; Leslie, Sarah-Jane
2016Jian, GeorgeResponsibility, Excusing Conditions, and Neuroscience Two Essays:How Responsibility is Preserved in a Mechanistic World Through Perceived Freedom and Current Neuroscience Cannot Be the Primary Method to Determine an Excusing Condition, and It Will Be Difficult to Do So in the FutureElga, Adam
-Birchall, ElizabethSome Connections Between Representation, Motivation and ReasoningElga, Adam
2008Reynolds (Jr.), Wiley R.Squashed Tomatoes: Revisiting the Paradoxes of Time TravelElga, Adam
2013Toker, DanielTime, Consciousness, and InformationElga, Adam