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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2003Lindell, NathanAn Analysis of Natural Gas Vehicle Technology with Suggestions for Design EnhancementDurbin, Enoch
2001Riccadonna, Carl J.Automatic Airbrake Coupling to Provide Increased Net Ton-Miles Per Train-HourDurbin, Enoch
2001Vessella, Thomas J.The Design and Development of a Wireless Electro-Mechanical Valve Implant for Contraceptive Use in MenDurbin, Enoch
1994McKenzie, Andrew; Feliciano, Jose E.Design of Cogenerative Fuel Cell for Remote Areas Power GenerationDurbin, Enoch
1994Hubbard, Andrew L.Determination of Fuel Droplet Sizes for Uniform Fuel Distribution in a Multicylinder EngineDurbin, Enoch
1993Coumeri, SariElectronic Control for the DCAF SystemDurbin, Enoch
1996Brekken, Matthew; Livesey, ColinElite Fuel Atomization: Efficient Liquid-Fuel Injection for Reduced Tailpipe EmissionsDurbin, Enoch
1996Jin, LinaExploration of How to Provide Closed Captions for the Hearing Impaired at the MoviesDurbin, Enoch
1996Swangard, TinaA Greenhouse for all Seasons: How Greenhouses Work, What Plants Need, and a Greenhouse Design Incorporating This InformationDurbin, Enoch
1994Krishnamoorthi, Subramanian RajaA Liquid Fuel Homogenization System for Dynamic Control of Air-Fuel RatioDurbin, Enoch
1994Park, DaveMeasuring Air-Fuel Ratios for Stoichiometric and Lean Burn Engines by Linearizing Oxygen Sensor OutputDurbin, Enoch
2002Bunt, Jonathan; Farrell, ScottVehicle Hazard Alert SystemDurbin, Enoch
1994Yalif, Guy U.; Norris, Teresa L.A Wheelchair That Allows More IndependenceDurbin, Enoch
1995Chen, Judy T.The WIL Chair: Wheel for Independent LivingDurbin, Enoch