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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Nielsen, DanielActivation of Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds: Transition Metal-Catalyzed Coupling of Strained RingsDoyle, Abigail G
-Kalow, Julia AnnCatalytic strategies for asymmetric nucleophilic fluorination using a latent HF source: development and mechanistic investigationsDoyle, Abigail G
-Lutz, John PatrickCross Coupling with Iminium IonsDoyle, Abigail G
-Nielsen, Matthew KDeoxyfluorination with Sulfonyl FluoridesDoyle, Abigail G
-Arendt, Kevin MichaelEngaging α-Oxy Radicals in Nickel-Catalyzed Cross Coupling ReactionsDoyle, Abigail G
-Shields, Jason DanielNickel Catalysis: Asymmetric Arylation of Quinolinium Ions and the Development of an Air-Stable PrecatalystDoyle, Abigail G
-Webb, Eric WNucleophilic Fluorination by Light-mediated Radical OxidationDoyle, Abigail G
-Ahneman, DerekPart I. Engaging Iminium Ions and Radicals in Nickel Catalysis. Part II. Predictive Reaction Modeling Using Machine Learning.Doyle, Abigail G
-Graham, Thomas James AlbertPart I. Transition Metal Cross Coupling with Iminium and Oxocarbenium Ions. Part II. Enantioselective Radiosynthesis of PET Tracers Containing [18F]Fluorohydrins.Doyle, Abigail G
-Estrada, Jesus GregorioPart I: On The Effects of Electron-Deficient Olefins in a Ni Catalyzed Csp3–Csp3 Cross Coupling Part II: Using Machine Learning to Predict Reaction Performance and Infer Mechanism in a Pd Catalyzed C–N CouplingDoyle, Abigail G
-Shields, Benjamin JosephPhotochemistry and Photophysics of Nickel ComplexesDoyle, Abigail G
-Wu, KevinStudies in Nickel-Catalyzed Cross Coupling: Mechanistic Investigations of Iminium Oxidative Addition and the Development of a Phosphine Framework for Nickel CatalysisDoyle, Abigail G