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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2002Bailey, Peter Antonio AusubelAndrogyne Anxieties: A Study of RepresentationDolven, Jeff
2013Stephens, CarterAutoInteriors: Behind the Wheel with Vladimir Nabokov, Kazuo Ishiguro, and Marilynne RobinsonDolven, Jeff
2007Mehta, Alexandra SageBeauty Incarnate: Representations of HelenDolven, Jeff
2015Kessler, Sam“Bless’d, and Mine Own” Pericles and the Shakespearean FamilyDolven, Jeff
2008Fitzpatrick, Laura J.BrainstormDolven, Jeff
2002Grande, EmilyChallenging Decorum; A Study of John Donne's Adherence to and Violation of DecorumDolven, Jeff
2003Rosenfeld, AlexA Comparative Study of the Works of Philip Roth and Woody AllenDolven, Jeff
2017Zuckerman, RachelCreating Paradise: The Generative Value of Misunderstanding in Paradise LostDolven, Jeff
-Vasiliauskas, Emily KateDead Letters: The Afterlife before ReligionSmith, Nigel; Dolven, Jeff
2018Laubach, MeganExperience: A Broken PromiseDolven, Jeff
2003Paruch, Anna MariaThe Eye of Childhood: Shakespeare's Blurring Vision of InfancyDolven, Jeff
-Evans, WilliamThe Fiction of Law in Shakespeare and SpenserDolven, Jeff
2009Diaz, Adrian MelissaFound No End, in Wandering Mazes Lost Science, Religion, and Narrative in "Lost"Dolven, Jeff
-Lerner, RossFraming Fanaticism: Religion, Violence, and the Reformation Literature of Self-AnnihilationSmith, Nigel; Dolven, Jeff
2009Faugno, Jade RoseHere Falls the Shadow: Dante's Cast of Influence Over T.S. EliotDolven, Jeff
2005Mericle, Joanna"Imperfect Speakers..." The Lingual Construction of Deed and Name in Jacobean Witchcraft PlaysDolven, Jeff
-Case, SarahIncrease of Issue: Poetry and Succession in Elizabethan EnglandDolven, Jeff
2018Verney, SamuelIt's Funny What You Don't Recall: A Literary Genealogy of Infinite JestDolven, Jeff
-Braun, Daniel RafaelKinds of Wrong: The Liberalization of Modern Poetry 1910-1960Kotin, Joshua; Dolven, Jeff
2017Nori, EricaMirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Jane Austen and Character DoublesDolven, Jeff