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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Dixon, Andrew V.Abundance and Territory Size of Leopards, (Panthera pardus), in Laikipia, Kenya and Wild Dogs, (Lycaon pictus), in the Serengeti Ecosystem, TanzaniaDobson, Andrew P.
2006Brown, Megan ElizabethAfrican Elephant Conservation: An Assessment of the Ivory Trade BanDobson, Andrew P.
2009Antala, Swati C.Analyzing the Epidemics: Modeling HIV, Tuberculosis and Co-Infection in South AfricaDobson, Andrew P.
1999Balch, Jennifer KakarekaBat Ears: Absurd in the Highest Possible DegreeDobson, Andrew P.
2012Gupfinger, Christina C. Y.A behavioral analysis of primate polyspecific associations in relation to the park boundary of Udzungwa Mountains National Park, TanzaniaDobson, Andrew P.
1999Isaac, Lydia AnneBorn- Again Killers: The Evolution of Drug Resistance in Infectious DiseasesDobson, Andrew P.
2021Koester, IngridBut Do You Recall, Why Reindeer Populations Rise and Fall?: A Theoretical Model of Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and Warble Flies (Hypoderma tarandi)Dobson, Andrew P.
2017Eakes, AlexandraChagas disease ecology in Trinidad: Trypanosoma cruzi infection status and bloodmeal analysis of triatomine bugs on an island considered free of vector-borne transmissionDobson, Andrew P.
2006Hollander, AdamChronic Stress and Hippocampal Atrophy During Treatment for Lung CancerDobson, Andrew P.
1998Haggerty, Patricia L.The Conservation and Management of Grizzly Bears in the Greater Yellowstone EcosystemDobson, Andrew P.
2007Watkins, Colyn J.Denial: South Africa's #1 Killer: An investigation of HIV denial and its role in the South African AIDS crisisDobson, Andrew P.
2014Hernandez, Cecilia E.The effect of canid sociality on disease transmission: An evaluation of canine distemper virus and canine parvovirus prevalence among various canid speciesDobson, Andrew P.
2007Kruse, Caroline E.The effect of increased carbon dioxide and temperature on skeletal development of Favia FragumDobson, Andrew P.
2011Williams, Bianca R.The Effects of Parasite Prevalence on Sexual Selection in Non-Human PrimatesDobson, Andrew P.
1995Flynn, Carina JosephineElephants, Extinction, and Economics An argument in favor of conserving the speciesDobson, Andrew P.
2017Stephenson, AdrianaElucidating Trypanosoma Cruzi Reservoirs Across South and Central America: A Review of Over 70 Years of Sero-epidemiological EvidenceDobson, Andrew P.
2011Wihak, Aquina A.The Emergence of Dengue Fever as a Result of the Discontinued Use of ChloroquineDobson, Andrew P.
1999Ashenfelter, Gillian MaireadEndangered Species Red Listing: Inconsistencies in Global and National Assessments of South American Endemic SpeciesDobson, Andrew P.
2009Mohamed, Abass HassanEnergy, Environment and Refugee Camps in Kenya: Integrating Solar-Energy into Energy Use in the CampsDobson, Andrew P.
1999Bullock, Graham DanielEvaluating "Ecotourism:" Case Studies of Tourist Resource needs from Yunnan Province, ChinaDobson, Andrew P.