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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Saunders, AlexisAndrew Wyeth and the Matter of TimeDeLue, Rachael
2014Angelos, MeghanCaught in the Window: A Photographic Study from the Other Side of the GlassDeLue, Rachael
2012Ferguson, Louisa KathrynEnvisioning England’s Unconscious: An Investigation of the Surrealist Movement and Mass-Observation from 1935-1947DeLue, Rachael
2010Lewis, Victoria AshleyEscaping the "Zone of Indistinction": Photography and Identity in Contemporary South AfricaDeLue, Rachael
2014Murokh, DinaThe Face of Painting Images of the Artist in Early AmericaDeLue, Rachael
2021Warren, PhoebeFrom Cholera to COVID-19: A Framework for Analyzing the Visual Media of Communicable Disease OutbreaksDeLue, Rachael
2012Kuensell, Clare CabellThe Here and Now: How Stuart Davis Painted His PresentDeLue, Rachael
2009Thomas, Jacqueline HitchcockLandscape As Spiritual Practice: Georgia O'Keeffe and Lake George.DeLue, Rachael
2019Hammarskjold, BrookeLandscape Painting, Urbanization, and the California ImaginaryDeLue, Rachael
2010Richmond-Moll, Jeffrey GrayMeaning in the Margins: Henry Ossawa Tanner's Biblical PicturesDeLue, Rachael
-Chatterjee, SriaNATURING THE NATION: ART AND DESIGN IN INDIA, 1870s-1970sDeLue, Rachael
-Pollack, MaikaOdilon Redon: The Color of the UnconsciousMcCauley, Anne; DeLue, Rachael
2018Shifke, Katherine“A PHENOMENAL PRESENCE THAT IS UNEQUIVOCALLY BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL": Redefining Beauty Through The Art of Kerry James MarshallDeLue, Rachael
2014Edelstein, HilaryPhotographing Peripheral Communities: A Critical Analysis of Mary Ellen Mark’s Ward 81 and Danny Lyon’s Conversations with the DeadDeLue, Rachael
2012Johnson, Alexis BardQueering George Bellows and the Question of "Gay Art"DeLue, Rachael
2012Fish, Genevieve Bea GraceRepositioning the Image in Postwar America: Wallace Berman, Andy Warhol, Bruce ConnerDeLue, Rachael
2019Feng, Lloyd“Where the Universe Sings”: An Assessment of Lawren Harris’s Nationalism and Spirituality in His ArtDeLue, Rachael