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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2020Cass, AmyA Theistic Naturalism: The Union of Science and Religion in the Work of Dr. William Benjamin CarpenterCreager, Angela
2005Barry, Oliver M.The American War Against Breast Cancer in the 20th Century: A History of Mammography and Its Controversial DevelopmentCreager, Angela
2010Morris, Hallie FarynAppealing to a Nation: The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and its Campaign Against PolioCreager, Angela
1998Cushman, Jennifer AnnBioethics: The Role of Post-World War II Medicine and Society in Shaping Its EmergenceCreager, Angela
1996Piranian, EdwardBoeing's 747: The Commercial Culmination of the Swept-Wing Jet RevolutionCreager, Angela
1995Kim, Y. VincentCarnegie Hall: The House that Music Built, Philanthropy Sustained, and in Which Peace Found a HomeCreager, Angela
2008Morris, Lindsay R.Dentistry in the "Century of the Child": How the Rising Social Value of Children Impacted Dentistry in Modern AmericaCreager, Angela
2006Blake, ErinDiplomats, Dictators, and Critical Science in a Peripheral Nation: The Development of Nuclear Technology in ArgentinaCreager, Angela
2000Vito, Elizabeth Churchill LovingThe Evolution of a Campaign: Mary Lasker's Fight Against CancerCreager, Angela
1995Chang, BeverlyGender and Botany: The Paradox of Linnaeus and Women Botanists of the Nineteenth CenturyCreager, Angela
1996Gutman, Jonathan AronGenetics and the American Eugenics MovementCreager, Angela
2006Drapkin, Nicole Michele"Humanitarian Duty to the Nation:" Safety Concerns in the Development of the Biomedical Programs of the U.S. Atomic Energy CommissionCreager, Angela
2009Deria, Amal MohamedThe Impacts of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee's 1966 Vietnam War StatementCreager, Angela
2008Rothschild, Rachel E.The Light of Genius: James Croll's Theory on ClimateCreager, Angela
1995Kahney, David J.A Major League Contribution: Baseball and Its Role as a Civil Rights PioneerCreager, Angela
1996Espinosa, MariolaMaking an Island Safe for Americans: Health and Sanitation Reform and the Cultural Transformation of Puerto RicoCreager, Angela
2000Barnett, ChanningA Medicalization of Womanhood: The Medical Treatment of Menstruation in the Victorian PeriodCreager, Angela
2000Lau, Janet T.Medicare: Truman's Vision, Johnson's RealityCreager, Angela
1995Lapham, Andrew P.Messages From the Sky The Role of Legislation and Technology in the Development of the Communications Satellite Act of 1962Creager, Angela