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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Pavlyukovskyy, MarkAssessing the Impact of a Game-Based Health Education Curriculum on Infectious Disease Prevention in Rural GhanaColler, Hilary
2011Demuren, Olukunle O.Awake During Sleep: An Examination of Signaling During QuiescenceColler, Hilary
2012Valcourt, James R.Better Together Cooperativity Between the RNA-Binding Protein Pumilio and MicroRNAs in Post-Transcriptional RegulationColler, Hilary
2011Wang, David J.Characterization of the Let-7a-3/b miRNA Cluster PromoterColler, Hilary
2012Guo, Natalie JiaEvidence of a Role for Stromal Autophagy in Tumor ProgressionColler, Hilary
2008Sharma, RajaniThe Identification and Characterization of Quiescent Fibroblasts in vivoColler, Hilary
2013Stayrook, SydneyIn vitro induction of myofibroblast characteristics via acetaminophen toxicity in pulmonary tissue model cell lines: Implications for pulmonary fibrosisColler, Hilary; Grant, Geraldine
2012Liao, AlbertInvestigation into the Proteasome-Inhibition Resistance Mechanism in Quiescent FibroblastsColler, Hilary
2010Chapman, Talia R.MicroRNAs and the Regulation of Cellular QuiescenceColler, Hilary
2010Lund, Benjamin AndrewMitophagy as a Protective Mechanism in Quiescent FibroblastsColler, Hilary
2011Kojima, MinaA Novel Reporter Assay for Identifying Regulators of Mammalian QuiescenceColler, Hilary
2008Pfau, Sarah J.An siRNA Screen to Characterize the Role of Autophagy Regulators in Mammalian QuiescenceColler, Hilary