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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Garcia, Faith“The Blood Soaked Cry of Those Who Seek Revenge / is Ringing in The Sky Over Sinchon”: An Analysis of the Portrayal of the Sinchon Massacre in North Korean PropagandaChung, Steven
2014Howard, Leila Arisa“A Comparative Visual Analysis of Graphic Design in China”Chung, Steven
2008Arias, ThomasThe Evolution of Harajuku Fashion: The History of Harajuku Fashion within the Context of Japanese SocietyChung, Steven
2016Kim, Joyce Da-HyunExploring Communication and Language Change in South KoreaChung, Steven
2009Baik, Tahai MichelleFashioning a New Dress in 1960s KoreaChung, Steven
2015Kim, ErinThe Good Life in the Context of South Korea: A qualitative study on Korean college students’ perception and experience of well-beingChung, Steven
2022Yang, PeterInfected and Deviant: Korean Netizen Responses to Early COVID-19 OutbreaksChung, Steven
2014Behar, Max BattJapanese Language Textbook Development Following WWII — The Meaning of the Japanese Textbook in the 21st CenturyChung, Steven
2021Choi, Samuel "Sam"Juingong: Examining Reader-Character Interaction in Korean WebtoonsChung, Steven
2021McGrath, Morgan"Korea's Online Persona"Chung, Steven
2009Lee, SuminLet Us Pray for Our Northern Brothers: South Korean Missions Work for North KoreaChung, Steven
2015Cho, Jennifer JeeMonster Movies as National Allegories: Difficulties in Defining Genre in Korean CinemaChung, Steven
2016Ahn, Ki WonPresence through Absence: Re-inscribing the Feminine Other in Korean Women’s WritingChung, Steven
2022Bu, Chan YongSeeing Like Steelworkers: The Media Ecology of Metal During the Cold War and Its Afterlife in KoreaChung, Steven
2022Moore, Kisara“Skinships,” “Shutter Chances,” and “Speeding Down”: Janglish as a Reconceptualization of Japanese Cultural Identity Through the Lens of Entertainment MediaChung, Steven
2023Kim, JosephineSurveillance and Scapegoating: A Disciplinary Reproduction of the Social Imagination of ContagionChung, Steven
2017Kinn, IanTheoretically InKleined: An Analysis of the Abstract Applications of the Möbius Strip and the Klein Bottle as Literary Tools to Critique Postwar Japanese and South Korean SocietiesChung, Steven
2017Kim, JiyoonTranslated Selections from Come Back by Friday: The Sewol Ferry and the Construction of Cultural Trauma through Narrativized InterviewsChung, Steven
2017Kim, SarahYesterday, A ScreenplayChung, Steven