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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Devers, CesarAllocation Mechanisms for Parking Permits: An Empirical StudyChassang, Sylvain
2021Chung, JonathanBigger is Not Always Better: An Examination of Decreasing Returns to Scale in Mutual Fund PerformanceChassang, Sylvain
2013He, YiqianDo Legal Bonding Benefits Really Exist? An Evaluation of the Bonding TheoryChassang, Sylvain
2013Badwick, James M.The Effects of Authority: An Experimental Approach to Worker Productivity Under Different Methods of Policy ImplementationChassang, Sylvain
2022Firlie, BrendanAn Empirical Analysis of Employment Effects from the Paycheck Protection Program under the Small Business AdministrationChassang, Sylvain
-Chauvin, Kyle PatrickEssays in Applied Microeconomic TheoryGul, Faruk; Chassang, Sylvain
2022Skinner, CarolineExamining Market Efficiency and the Reverse Favorite-Longshot Bias in National Football League Point Spread Markets After the Legalization of Sports BettingChassang, Sylvain
2014Waddell, DavisI’ll Make What She’s Making: Herd Behavior in HollywoodChassang, Sylvain
2011Rolon, ChristianPopularity, Products, and Profits: An Analysis of Celebrity Endorsers: Google Trends and Effects on Stock PricesChassang, Sylvain
2015Arias, Daniel F.Target Practice: Applying Commitment Techniques to Internet Playtime ConsumptionChassang, Sylvain
2021Rex, SamuelWelfare Impact: Analysis of the Renewable Fuel Standards Corn Ethanol MandateChassang, Sylvain