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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Xu, KaylinBonding in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: An Experimental and Computational Investigation into the Electronic and Structural Properties of MTe2 (M=Hf, Ta, W, Re) and Their Solid Solution SystemsCava, Robert
2019Yang, ZoeData Mining the Materials Genome Suggests Flat Bands Occur More Often in Hexagonal Superconductors than Non-SuperconductorsCava, Robert
2021Judge, McKennaA Defense of Humanistic Science Education in the Context of Metallurgical HistoryCava, Robert
2018Chung, MimiEffects of Off-Site Substitution on Spin One and Spin One-Half Honeycomb MagnetsCava, Robert
2022Walensky, SethAn Exploration of Co\(^{3+}\) Magnetism in Hexagonal and Cubic PerovskitesCava, Robert
2023O'Connell, JacobExploring Magnetism in Chromium-based Pyroxenes by Tuning Germanium and Silicon ContentCava, Robert
2019Oey, YuzkiExploring the Spin State of Cobalt in Oxide PerovskitesCava, Robert
2008Nitchke, Brett A.M.Geometric Magnetic Frustration in Boracite Compounds (M3B7O13X; M=Ni, Cu, Co, Zn; X=Cl, Br, I)Cava, Robert
2010Petersen, AndrewInvestigation of Tetradymites as New Topological InsulatorsCava, Robert
2014Ali, NadaLow Temperature Thermoelectricity and Magnetism in Binary Metal ChalcogenidesCava, Robert
2020Wilks, ChristopherNovel Hydrothermal Method for the Growth of Lithium IridateCava, Robert
2022Pacis, NoahThe Search for Single-Phase Hexagonal Close-Packed High-Entropy Alloy Superconductors with Low Valence Electron CountsCava, Robert
2021Sandvold, ColeSpinodal Separation in Materials Common to Topological InsulatorsCava, Robert
2023Gbadebo-Goyea, BreannaSuperconductivity In Au-Pb CompoundsCava, Robert
2008Wagner, Kelly E.Superconductivity in CuXTaS2 and TaSe2Cava, Robert
2022Iwanicki, AllanaSynthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Oxide PerovskitesCava, Robert
1998Silver, Brent S.Synthesis and Chararcterization of (La, Sr)-NickelatesCava, Robert
2018O'Rourke, LeahSynthesis and Magnetic Properties of Rare Earth OxychalcogenidesCava, Robert
2008Lavdovsky, NathanSynthesis of Small Band Gap Lead Tin TellurideCava, Robert
2008Kosten, Emily D.Tuning Frustration: The Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet Cs2-XRbXCuCl4Cava, Robert