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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2009O'Connor, Daniel PatrickAmerica's Money Men: Laying the Foundation for the Federal Reserve SystemCannadine, David N.
2012Moore, Emerson Anthony SomersAnglo-American Relations and Motivations: Thatcher, Reagan, The Falklands, and GrenadaCannadine, David N.
2010Frist, Bryan EdwardBetween Isolationism and Appeasement: Joseph P. Kennedy as United States Ambassador to Great Britain 1938-1940Cannadine, David N.
2013Schloss, KatherineComing to Terms with Henry Clay Frick: Wealth, Philanthropy, Collecting, and Life After DeathCannadine, David N.
2009Schaefer, Ralph FanDeregulated Skies, Unregulated Consequences: Deregulation's Impact on America's Airlines, Society, and Economy in the 1980sCannadine, David N.
2010Hosfield, Brooks Hamilton"The Empress-Queen Demands Her Imperial Crown": Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria and The Royal Titles Act of 1876Cannadine, David N.
2015Lunt, Alexandra KirstenFrom Operatic Grandeur to Domestic Pageantry: The Evolution of Ceremonial During the Reign of King George VCannadine, David N.
2016Henderson, Isabel Holland“Half-Breeds Make the Best Sport”: Foxhunting and the American Aristocracy, 1870-1929Cannadine, David N.
2017Shipman, Isabel'Hic et Ubique': United States Ambassadors to Great Britain & The Anglo-American Alliance, 1938-1946Cannadine, David N.
2016Sipp, Elizabeth Sterling“If money is the root of all evil, it is also the root of all art”1: Collecting in America in the Gilded AgeCannadine, David N.
2016Johnston, GuyMargery Perham: Britain’s Conscience on Africa?Cannadine, David N.
2013Frakes, Matthew A.“THE MEN IN THE ARENA”: The Inspirational Leadership & Reputations of Napoleon Bonaparte, Robert E. Lee, & Winston ChurchillCannadine, David N.
2010Walker, Margaret Frances MatildaThe National Museums and Galleries of London During the First World WarCannadine, David N.
2016Starr, Tyler Garland“No One Pays Very Much Attention to a Perfect Lady” The Labors and Legacy of Lady Nancy Astor, MPCannadine, David N.
2010Kelly, Carolyn Marie"On Diamonds We Build": Markets, Monopolies, and Capitalism In Twentieth Century NamibiaCannadine, David N.
2017Shaw, CharlesPlaying for Time: British Policy and the Transition of Power in Burma, 1943 - 1948Cannadine, David N.
2010Sachs, Clayton ErichPolitics, Power, and Pistols: The Role of the Pistol Duel in Early AmericaCannadine, David N.
2013Inglessis, IsminiPrejudice in Politics: Queen Victoria and Her Prime MinistersCannadine, David N.
2010Page, Samuel FrankProcess, Policy, and the Opposition: The Passage of the 1911 British National Insurance ActCannadine, David N.