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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2005Rawles, Spencer J.Beyond Moneyball; Analyzing Methods of Player Valuation in the NBABrunnermeier, Markus
2003Glotzbach, RaymondBig Dreams and Their Small Impacts on Middle Markets: A Look at the Economics of arenafootball2Brunnermeier, Markus
2003Chong, Yee WaiBubble and Cross-Autocorrelation in the Chinese A and B Share MarketsBrunnermeier, Markus
2003Rilander, Adam ScottDeveloping a Portfolio Strategy to Profit from the Returns Associated with Securities Added to the S&P 500Brunnermeier, Markus
2005Walters, Nicholas CarlThe Digital Revolution: The Economic Implications of the Internet on the Music Market of the 21st CenturyBrunnermeier, Markus
2005Copus, Taylor W.The Effects of IPO Share Lockup Expirations on Stock Returns in the Years after the Collapse of the DotCom BubbleBrunnermeier, Markus
2006Guelich, Robert ClarkEmerging Market Returns and U.S. Mutual Fund Flows: Does a Feedback Process Exist?Brunnermeier, Markus
-Rodnyansky, AlexanderEssays in Unconventional Monetary Policy and Firm DynamicsAguiar, Mark; Brunnermeier, Markus
-Mendo Lopez, Fernando JericoEssays on Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic ModelsBrunnermeier, Markus
2022Huang, LunyangEssays on Interest Rates, Exchange Rates and Flight to SafetyBrunnermeier, Markus
2006Behrens, James C.Global Trends in Initial Public OfferingsBrunnermeier, Markus
2005Duffy, John C.If You Build It, They Will Come... But Will It Even Matter? The Impact of Sports Stadium Construction on Metropolitan EconomiesBrunnermeier, Markus
2001Clark, Robert M.Informational Cascades and Strategy: A Multiple Period ModelBrunnermeier, Markus
2000DeRaimo, Gina-MarieThe January/Small Firm Effect: A Comparative Analysis by Econimic SectorBrunnermeier, Markus
2005Quinn, Lauren AlexandraMarket Reactions to Recalls: Comparative Event Studies in the Pharmaceutical and Automotive IndustriesBrunnermeier, Markus
2006Meng, SusanMoney Illusion in International Stock MarketsBrunnermeier, Markus
2014Huang, SonyaMultitask Contract TheoryBrunnermeier, Markus
2006Sinclair, Stuart E.Portfolio Liquidity and Hedge Fund ReturnsBrunnermeier, Markus
2005Thoman, AnnaResolving the Industrial and Geographic Diversification Discounts in U.S. MultinationalsBrunnermeier, Markus
2006Guo, YanshuA Search for Alpha: Are Hedge Funds Capitalizing on Liquidity Risk Premiums for Excess Return?Brunnermeier, Markus