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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2003Swords, Sarah MonroeAd imaginem suam: Representations and Images of Three Early Irish SaintsBrown, Peter R.
2003Zee, Mark PhilipChinggis Khan: Symbol and Reality of a World ConquerorBrown, Peter R.
2006Matthews, Sarah PierrepontColor Blind but Class Conscious: The Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike of 1968Brown, Peter R.
2004Murphy, Christopher D.Falling Off the End of the World: Limits and End of the Romanization of BritainBrown, Peter R.
2009Thorpe, David VandiverFigures in a Landscape: Apostolic Horizons--The Mindset, Motivation, and Legitimization of Missionaries in Late AntiquityBrown, Peter R.
1994Schmuel, EstherThe Fourth Beast: Apocalyptic Literature and the Succession of EmpiresBrown, Peter R.
2006Barry, ThomasFrom Fenians to Foreigners: The Evolution of Irish American NationalismBrown, Peter R.
1996Everdell, Christian RomneyFrom Nicaea to Constantinople: Imperial Policy and the Nicene-Arian ConflictBrown, Peter R.
1993Lubetsky, Michael"From There Shall the Dharma Proceed to the West:" The Impact of Zoroastrianism on BuddhaBrown, Peter R.
1993Medrano, ChristelaIslamic and Arabic Influence upon Spanish Culture during the Umayyad Regime or, What Moor Can You Ask For?Brown, Peter R.
1993Austin-Trapero, PeterJustinian's Imperial Army: A Sixth Century Army of Persuasion, Conversion, and AdaptationBrown, Peter R.
2005Taylor, Michael JamesRome and the Northern Barbarians: 101 BC-451 ADBrown, Peter R.
1994Read, Leslie M.The Tenth-Century Anglo-Saxon Reformation: A Study in Monastic EndowmentBrown, Peter R.