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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2013Amatya, Rina YamadaAfferent Cortical Connectivity to Rodent Posterior Parietal Cortex Along the Mediolateral AxisBrody, Carlos
2013Matharu, Kanwal SinghAnalysis of Afferent Connectivity to the Rat Lateral and Medial Posterior Parietal CortexBrody, Carlos
2014London, DennisAnatomical Mapping and Optogenetic Projection-Targeting in the Rat Decision-Making CircuitBrody, Carlos
2020Cioppa, DominickBehavioral Correlates of Procedural Automation and Deliberation in a Two Step Nose-Port Fixation Task in RatsBrody, Carlos
2012Prast, MatthewA computational Model of Decision Making in the Rat CortexBrody, Carlos
2014Garcia, ZacharyConsidering Reaction Time within an Accumulator Model of Decision-MakingBrody, Carlos
2014Reder, GabrielDrift-Diffusion Modeling of a Perceptual Decision-Making TaskBrody, Carlos
2018Freeman, NicolasHippocampal CA1 Neurons Simultaneously Encode a Variety of Task-Relevant Variables during an Evidence Accumulation Task in MiceBrody, Carlos
2015Scott, Thomas G. W.Investigating a method to determine the anterior-posterior extent of the rat Posterior Parietal CortexBrody, Carlos
2009O'Shea, Daniel JosephLow Rank, Pairwise Constrained Neuronal Connectivity MatricesBrody, Carlos
2015Yi, Min KyungMapping Projections from Superior Colliculus to Frontal Orienting Field Through the Mediodorsal Nucleus in ThalamusBrody, Carlos
2013Tang, Mengxuan JoMapping the anterior-posterior extent of the rat posterior parietal cortex and its shared inputs with the frontal orienting fieldsBrody, Carlos
2012Lake, SachideviNeuronal Tracing in Rat Posterior Parietal Cortices Using Retrograde Labeling Fluorescent Latex MicrospheresBrody, Carlos
-Duan, Chunyu AnnPrefrontal and midbrain contributions to fast executive control of behavior in the ratBrody, Carlos
2011Faust, Travis EwartProjections from Posterior Parietal Cortex Reveal Anatomically Distinct Subregions in Rat Frontal Orienting FieldsBrody, Carlos
2019Tang, VincentRepresentations and Causal Contributions of Frontal Cortical Regions During Context-Dependent Decision MakingBrody, Carlos
2010Satty, Alexandra M.The Role of the Rat Frontal Orienting Field in Decision-MakingBrody, Carlos
2020Abdelhamid, MohamedSpatial Encoding in the Orbitofrontal Cortex During the Adapted Two-Step Task for RatsBrody, Carlos
2015Amina, TylerUnderstanding Molecular Gastronomy: The Consolidation of Cooking And ScienceBrody, Carlos