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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2001Ragones, Timothy AndrewCOINTELPRO-New Left and the FBI's Disruption of Vietnam War Protest GroupsBremner, Eva Giloi
2002O'Neill, Brian DesmondCrisis of Identity: Visions of Culture in the Chicano MovementBremner, Eva Giloi
2002Cho, Brian B.Inescapable Vices in Bohemia: Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Toulouse-LautrecBremner, Eva Giloi
2002Barba, Christina AndreaL'Apoteosi di Verdi: The Creation of a National HeroBremner, Eva Giloi
2001Walter, Jessica M.The Mystery of Nancy Drew's Success: Placing America's Favorite 'Girl Sleuth' in Historical ContextBremner, Eva Giloi
2001Smith, Erica HughesOn the Frontier: A Revision of the Story of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the Western States and TerritoriesBremner, Eva Giloi
2002Wood, Sarah HarveyThe Paradox of Clay's Monthly Reports: Denazification in the U.S. Zone, 1945-46Bremner, Eva Giloi
2003MacColl, William WatkinsThe Problem of International Policy and the German Minorities of Eastern EuropeBremner, Eva Giloi
2001Fisher, Kristin WheatThe Profile of a Complicated Matriarch: An Examination of Indira Gandhi's Interaction with WomenBremner, Eva Giloi
2003Pollak, William DavidSex, Science, and Sterilization: The Influence of American Scientists on the Development of the Nazi Racial IdeologyBremner, Eva Giloi
2002Van, Eric Ju-HsiangThe Sixty-Division Gamble: U.S. Army Manpower in Europe, 1944-1945Bremner, Eva Giloi
2003Hughes, Kadi AnnSocial Dreams and Cinematic Nightmares: Metrophobia in Weimar FilmBremner, Eva Giloi
2001Malone, Patrick M.Thermopylae on the Volga: The Creation of Modern War Mythology Based on the Battle of StalingradBremner, Eva Giloi
2004Finn, Brenna KathleenA Violence Fraught with Mercy and Healing:" Gender, Militancy, and the Origins of Suffragette Radicalism in Edwardian EnglandBremner, Eva Giloi