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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Mao, JiemingAlgorithms in Strategic or Noisy EnvironmentsBraverman, Mark
2014Constantinescu, AndraBehavioral Mechanism Design - Accounting for the Mental Cost of ChoosingBraverman, Mark
2015Durst, DavidBeyond3D: Visualizing High-Dimensional Data SetsBraverman, Mark
2016Rolf, EstherCapturing Multiparty Communication: Extending Notions of Information Theory to Topology-Dependent Multiparty ProblemsBraverman, Mark
2014Roman, MihaiComputational complexity of pricing derivativesBraverman, Mark
2013Pasricha, KanikaThe computational hardness of pricing compound securitiesBraverman, Mark
2020Noarov, GeorgyConnecting Voting and Market Models: A Computational Social Choice PerspectiveBraverman, Mark
2013Oshri, GalContracting Experts with Unknown Cost StructuresBraverman, Mark
2013Mantel, KevinElection Manipulation Through Misrepresentation of Pre-election PollsBraverman, Mark
2015Pinkerton, James Carl IVEnergy Function Arguments in Finding Tower of Majority Lower BoundsBraverman, Mark
2019Li, WalterFull Revenue Extraction for Collusion-Proof AuctionsBraverman, Mark
-Ko, Young KunHardness Amplification in Two Prover Game and Communication ComplexityBraverman, Mark
2018Mehra, PritikaIlluminating the Blackbox: Evaluating the use of Decision Trees in Enhancing Blackbox Model InterpretabilityBraverman, Mark
-Garg, SumeghaImplications of Space-Bounded ComputationBraverman, Mark
-Garg, AnkitInformation Theoretic Relaxations in Complexity TheoryBraverman, Mark
-Weinstein, OmriInteractive Information Complexity and ApplicationsBraverman, Mark
-Schneider, JonathanLearning Algorithms in Strategic EnvironmentsBraverman, Mark
2019Witten, PaulLearning the Nash Equilibrium Through Reinforcement in Imperfect Information SettingsBraverman, Mark
2016Zhao, ZhongxiaNon-Clearing and Combinatorial Walrasian EquilibriaBraverman, Mark
2020Guan, GraceNon-Normality in Risk Adjustment Transfer Payments under the Affordable Care ActBraverman, Mark