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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2016Minaki, MegumiCaregiver or Laborer? Examining the Role of Japanese Women from the 'Japanese-Style Welfare Society' to the 'Social Investment' StateBorovoy, Amy
2018Goldstein, JulieThe Development of Public Health in China: An Exploration of Health Education in Chinese Primary and Secondary SchoolsBorovoy, Amy
2009Madubata, UgochiDisabilities in Japan: An Investigation into the Japanese Social Reaction to Disability Through an Analysis of Disability in Comparison to other Minority StatusesBorovoy, Amy
2020Vergara, CeciliaHave you eaten?: Analyzing young Korean women’s relationship with food in K-Dramas and its intersection with K-Pop and K-BeautyBorovoy, Amy
2006Guscic, Nikola ZvijezdanImmigration to Japan: Economic Necessity, Cultural Barriers and the Policy ImplicationsBorovoy, Amy
2005Forger, Sarah MoriartyInfestation? The Rise of Parasite Singles in JapanBorovoy, Amy
2015McLemore, Jessica DarylIt Takes a Village to Feed a Child: Motives of Food Education in Japanese Elementary SchoolsBorovoy, Amy
2008Jersey, Joshua B.Japan and Asia's New Juggernaut: Assessing the "China Threat"Borovoy, Amy
2013Velasco, DanielRemolding Japanese Minds: Combating Low Fertility with Pronatal Policy and Social EducationBorovoy, Amy
2022Haemisegger, DavidThe Russian Tea Mystery: A Translation of Arisugawa Alice’s Roshia Kōcha no NazoTokumasu, Yukari; Borovoy, Amy
2002Sell, Eric, P.Toward a Brighter Tomorrow: Conceptions of Culture, Policy, and Technology in the Aging Japanese Society.Borovoy, Amy