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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2000Hussarungsri, CurtisAirports and the Marine Environment: An Engineering Study of the Runways at LaGuardia AirportBillington, David
2005Bennett, Jennifer LouiseAn Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Containment Buildings with an Unanticipated Construction Opening: Steam Generator Replacement at Duke Power’s Oconee Nuclear StationBillington, David
2000Williams, Charmaine M.An Analysis of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge: Efficiency, Economy and EleganceBillington, David
1996Orsega, Christopher G.An Approach to Finite Element Analysis of the Sunshine Skyway BridgeBillington, David
2003Seto, MollyCold Climate Bridges: A Comparative Analysis of the Confederation and Zeeland BridgesBillington, David
1999Daley, HeatherThe Commissioning of Bridge Design: Maryland's Decade of Corruption and the Design Competition that it InfluencedBillington, David
2003Telleen, KarlComparing the Performance of Skyscrapers Subjected to Localized Structural Damage: Column-diagonal truss-tubes and Perforated framed-tubesBillington, David
2003Clark, CourtneyA Comprehensive Analysis of the Felsenau BridgeBillington, David
1995Liou, JoanneA Delicate Balance of Forces: Bach de Roda-Felipe II Bridge Santiago CalatravaBillington, David
2003Brosio, CristinaThe Design of a Pedestrian bridge for Clock Tower Place Maynard, MABillington, David
2003Cooch, William L.Design of the Ribs for the Concrete Then Shells at the Lambert-St. Louis Airport Terminal BuildingBillington, David
2003Rogers, Kathie BeelandAn Ethical Exploration of Structural FailuresBillington, David
2002Barelli, MichaelThe evolution of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge: 1939-2002Billington, David
2009Puryear, George O'Bryan TrabueExpedient versus Prefabricated: The United States Military's Approach to Structural Engineering During the Vietnam WarBillington, David
2004Clement, R. CarterThe Grand Coulee Dam: As a Story of Perseverance, Incentive, and AccomplishmentBillington, David
2007Lawrence, MiguelTHe Historical, Architectural, and Structural Analysis of Bourges CathedralBillington, David
2004Evans, Ann CottInnovation, Imagination and Incentive: A Study of Bridges Built Through Engineering Design CompetitionsBillington, David
2009Hoster, ZoeMultiple Arch Dams: Evolution of the FormBillington, David
2002Weinert, MichaelPeter Rice, Ted Happord, and Tony Hunt: British engineers in the collaborative design of high-tech architectureBillington, David