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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Gunay, OnurBECOMING KURDISH: Migration, Urban Labor, and Political Violence in TurkeyBiehl, João; Davis, Elizabeth A.
2010Chen, ElizabethBorder Health: An Anthropological Study of Health Promotion on the U.S. - Mexico BorderBiehl, João
2010McCallum, Rebekah L.Charismatic: The "Gifted" Life and Work of Christians in Pune, India (The City of Virtue)Biehl, João
2014Fokum, BerniceCULTIVATING AGENTS OF CHANGE: Individual and Community Resilience in Chicago’s Teen Health CouncilBiehl, João
2010Lander, Jessica Ann Arielle DaraFrom Lost Causes to Leaders: The School of St. Jude and its Mission to Educate Tanzania’s Poorest and BrightestBiehl, João
2007Olivi, ElenaGiving, Receiving, and Reciprocating in the World of NGOs and International Development: Reflections from and Engineers Without Borders Project in Huamanzana, PeruBiehl, João
-Rubinov, IgorGrafted Futures: Climate Adaptation in a Post-Soviet WorldBiehl, João
2014Portner, Storm ChatisImagining Partnerships: An Ethnography of Community Health Workers in a Global Health Intervention in Sierra LeoneBiehl, João
2020Capellan, JasminLiving on Wheels: An Ethnographic Account of Disability, Sanctuary, and Kinship in the Dominican RepublicBiehl, João
-Ramirez, SebastianMaking Home in War: An Ethnography on Reparations and Horizons in the Eve of Peace in ColombiaBiehl, João; Greenhouse, Carol
-Moran-Thomas, AmyMetabola: Chronic Disease and Damaged Life in BelizeBiehl, João; Greenhouse, Carol
2014Petty, Amber DanielleTHE MODERNIZATION OF RACIAL DEMOCRACY: An Anthropological Study on the Impact of Race-Targeted Policies in BrazilBiehl, João
-McKowen, KellyMoral Fiber: An Ethnography of Unemployment, Ethics, and the Social Safety Net in NorwayGreenhouse, Carol J; Biehl, João
2015Reid, ShaylaMulher como Protagonista: Women’s Experiences with Parto Humanizado in São Paulo, BrazilMeira Monteiro, Pedro; Biehl, João
-Fogarty Valenzuela, BenjaminPedagogies of Occupation: Youth Aspiration, Drugs and the Politics of Time in BrazilBiehl, João; Lederman, Rena
2010Gertner, Alex KerbelPharmaceutical Care, Public Experiments, and Patient Knowledge in the Brazilian Public Healthcare SystemBiehl, João
2014Bui, FarrahThe Rebirth of Maternal Health: Strengthening Midwifery Programs to Reduce the Prevalence of Caesarean Sections in BrazilBiehl, João
-Pearson, HeathThe Carceral Outside: How Privatized Land Produces Racialized Labor in an American Prison TownBiehl, João; Perry, Imani
2016Qiu, MelodyTo Push or To Cut? Decision-Making in Childbirth Amid the Brazilian Cesarean EpidemicBiehl, João