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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2015Kronenberg, HannahAn Analysis of End Stage Renal Failure 1996-2011Benabou, Roland
2019Sapiro-Gheiler, EitanCheap Talk Games with Sequential Posterior FormationBenabou, Roland
2000Gordon, JeremiahCops and Crime: An Empirical Investigation of Law Enforcement and the Production of DeterrenceBenabou, Roland
2004Starkweather, George AustinCountries in their own right: Analyzing the Growth in Output per Laborer and Its Inputs in China's Provinces from 1980 to 1998Benabou, Roland
2011Nuthusamy, NithiyananthanThe Danish Flexicurity Model: A "Golden Triangle" of Labour Market PoliciesBenabou, Roland
2011Genta, NicholasDo Artists Matter? An Examination of Artistic Talent and Its Effects on Domestic Film GrossBenabou, Roland
2010Kim, Jeong HoThe Economic Theory of the Second-Best Education PolicyBenabou, Roland
2006Greer, ChristianneThe Effect of Demographic Variables on Eating Disorders for Adolescent Females in the United StatesBenabou, Roland
-Young, Benjamin GarryEssays in Behavioral EconomicsBenabou, Roland
2016Fehrnstrom, JamesForeign Aid and Income Inequality: Revisiting the Effectiveness of Foreign AidBenabou, Roland
2016Turcanu, RoxanaGender Differences in Entrepreneurship Entry Decisions: an Empirical Analysis at the U.S. LevelBenabou, Roland
2000Patel, NiravHealth Care Finance and Its FutureBenabou, Roland
2007Cobey, DavidHeterogeneity and Technology Diffusion In a Developing Nation: The Case of High Yield Wheat in IndiaBenabou, Roland
2001Moore, AnneThe Influence of Exchange Rate Regimes on Fiscal Discipline: How Do Fixed and Flexible Rates Compare in Different Political Environments?Benabou, Roland
2005Losch, MatthewInterest Rates and the Exchange Rate in Thailand During the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-1998Benabou, Roland
2010Vreeland, EricIs Two Really Better than One? The Effects of Syndication and Location on Entrepreneurial SuccessBenabou, Roland
2000Williams, KathryneThe Legalization of Abortion and Its Effect on Infant and Child MortalityBenabou, Roland
2015Hauptman, AaronMath is Hard: The Effect of Calculation Difficulty on Sales Tax SalienceBenabou, Roland
2007Hayes, Jonathan A.Old Money, New Money, and No Money: The Effects of Inheritance on Charitable GivingBenabou, Roland