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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2022Arbelaez Solano, NatiAlternative Histories, Alternative Realities: A Study of Ghosts in August Wilson’s Century Cycle and Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of SolitudeAlliston, April; Bellos, David
2014Dreyfuss, Katherine MarielleApollinaire, Poulenc, and Intermediality: A Study of the Dynamic Interactions between Text, Image, and Music in Le Bestiaire and CalligrammesRentzou, Efthymia; Bellos, David
2021Griffith, WilliamThe Author in the Recording Studio: Phil Spector and the Patriarchal Author Figure within Pop RockConisbee Baer, Benjamin; Bellos, David
-Hansen, CatherineBlacker in Black: The Romanian Surrealist Group and Postwar SurrealismRentzou, Effie; Bellos, David
2020Jackson, AkivaContradiction & Dichotomy: David Bergelson and Itzik Manger Confront the BibleBellos, David; Zeitlin, Froma I
2008Mazur, Amanda I.Dump This Thesis While You Still Can!Bellos, David
2013Kawar, Tamara LaylaForeign Words and the Language of Multiculturalism: Reconceptualising Identity in Three Novels by Amin MaaloufBellos, David
2001White, Nancy C.Form Begets Content: Experimentation in the Works of Duras, Robbe-Grillet and PasoliniBellos, David
2018Le Van, SarahThe Influence of the Pre-Raphaelites in Debussy’s La Damoiselle élueBellos, David; Heller, Wendy
2010Crown-Weber, StephanIs that Man a Puzzle Piece? Navigating the Virtual Realities of Perec's Life A User's ManualBellos, David
2022Somwaru, DanielIslamic Interpretations Across the Mediterranean: A Look at La TasfiraBrownlee, Marina; Bellos, David
2000Sherry, Michael BruceL'Adaptation Cinématographique: Typologie, Fonction et PuissanceBellos, David
2016Bray, N. MikaLost in Translation? An Examination of the Translation Policies of The United Nations and the European UnionBellos, David
2005Cooper, Aaron R.L’Art de la Préface: Les Préfaces de Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, François Mauriac et Romain Gary Entre 1945 et 1968Bellos, David
2002Kimber, Cheryl MarieMAY 1968 IN FRENCH FICTION: A Sociological and Psychological Interpretation of the Youth RevoltBellos, David
2011Wells, AmeliaPlus Vrai que la Vérité: Qu’Est-Ce que L’Anti-Théâtre et Comment le Mettre sur ScèneBellos, David
2023Brennan, ElizabethPortraits of Sin: Regulating and Representing Prostitution in Nineteenth-Century ParisBlix, Goran; Bellos, David
2007Cassin, Helen PageThe Rapatriement of 1962: Ambiguity, Self-Censorship and Scandal in French National IdentityBellos, David
1999Cheung, MichelleReading Through a Modern Lens: Twentieth Century Film Adaptations of Nineteenth Century French LiteratureBellos, David