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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2012Banerjee, MonicaBuilding a Mechanistic Model for CqsA Regulation in Vibrio choleraeBassler, Bonnie
2008Wolf, Ashley R.Cross-species bacterial signaling: Enterococcus faecalis represses virulence and induces neuraminidase in Vibrio choleraeBassler, Bonnie
2014Oh, PaulDefining Agonism and Antagonism in Vibrio harveyi LuxN* MutantsBassler, Bonnie
2010Salvant, Reginald L.Differential Effects of Five Vibrio harveyi Qrr sRNAs on Expression of the Master Quorum-Sensing Regulator LuxRBassler, Bonnie
1997Valdivieso, VeronicaFighting Cholera in Lima, Peru: Vaccination, Sanitation, or Education?Bassler, Bonnie
1999Egan, KristinA Genetic Analysis of Quorum Sensing in Vibrio harveyiBassler, Bonnie
2000Deirmengian, Gregory K.A Genetic Analysis of the Functions of LuxQ: a Two-Component Sensor Involved in Quorum Sensing in Vibrio harveyiBassler, Bonnie
2013Quinodoz, SofiaIdentification and Characterization of Four LuxR-Controlled Transcriptional Regulators in the Vibrio harveyi Quorum-Sensing CircuitBassler, Bonnie
2014Wang, David C.Identification of Bacterial Molecules in Interkingdom Signaling using a Novel High-throughput Screening PlatformBassler, Bonnie
2005Herman II, David JonIdentification of the Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Regulation of the Vibrio cholerae CAI-1 Quorum Sensing Circuit.Bassler, Bonnie
2021Cumbermack, MaressaInvestigating the Function of LuxT: A Quorum-Sensing Transcription Factor in Vibrio speciesBassler, Bonnie
2021Pousont, DorianInvestigating the Interaction of PqsE and RhlR in Pseudomonas aeruginosaBassler, Bonnie
2018Sullivan, CamilleInvestigating the Quorum Sensing Protein PqsE Active Site in Pseudomonas AeruginosaBassler, Bonnie
2024Adams, JamesInvestigating the Role of the Quorum Regulatory RNAs in φVP882 Infection of Vibrio parahaemolyticusBassler, Bonnie
2002Benjamin, Alana SeltonAn Investigation of Quorum Sensing in Escherichia coliBassler, Bonnie
1997Snyder, Laura H.Isolation of a Transducing phage for the Quorum Sensing Bacterium Vibrio harveyiBassler, Bonnie
2015McGee, LynessaMapping CqsS Binding and Activation in Vibrio CholeraeBassler, Bonnie
1996Keverline, Andrew M.Mini-Molecular Biologists: The Student Teaching Thesis Program: Bringing Advanced Science to Princeton Area SchoolsBassler, Bonnie
1996Gladfelter, Amy SusanneMolecular Connections Between Luminescence Regulation and Iron Acquisition in Vibrio harveyiBassler, Bonnie
2012Kim, SuhyunA Novel Dual-fluorescence System to Elucidate the Interaction between RNA Polymerase and Particular Amino Acid Residues of the Chromobacterium violaceum Quorum Sensing Receptor, CviRBassler, Bonnie