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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Manokaran, RajsekarApproximability and Mathematical RelaxationsArora, Sanjeev
2005Orecchia, LorenzoApproximating the Sparsest CutArora, Sanjeev
2016Khodak, MikhailAutomated WordNet Construction using Vector Representations of WordsArora, Sanjeev
2012Risteski, AndrejBounds on A Generalization of a Hierarchy by Lovasz and SchrijverArora, Sanjeev
2022Li, ZhiyuanBridging Theory and Practice in Deep Learning: Optimization and GeneralizationArora, Sanjeev
2015Simchowitz, MaxDictionary Learning and Anti-ConcentrationArora, Sanjeev
2001Chang, Kevin L.Efficient Approximation Algorithms for the Degree-Restricted Minimum Spanning Tree Problem and the Red-Blue Separation ProblemArora, Sanjeev
2005Dinitz, MichaelEmpirical Analysis of an Approximation Algorithm for SPARSEST-CUTArora, Sanjeev
2016Vodrahalli, Kiran NLow-dimensional Representations of Semantic Context in Language and the BrainArora, Sanjeev; Norman, Ken
-Lee, HoldenMCMC algorithms for sampling from multimodal and changing distributionsArora, Sanjeev
2021Plevrakis, OrestisNew Exploration and Identification schemes for Linear Dynamics: the cases of Convex costs and Censored DataArora, Sanjeev
-Sachdeva, SushantNew Results in the Theory of Approximation: Fast Graph Algorithms and InapproximabilityArora, Sanjeev
-Risteski, AndrejNew Techniques for Learning and Inference in Bayesian ModelsArora, Sanjeev
-Ma, TengyuNon-convex Optimization for Machine Learning: Design, Analysis, and UnderstandingArora, Sanjeev
2016Koehler, FredericOn Provable Algorithms for Topic ModelingArora, Sanjeev
2024Xu, NancyOn the Implicit Bias of Deterministic and Stochastic Gradient Descentvan Handel, Ramon; Arora, Sanjeev
2015Lee, Seung Yeon LisaOn the Linear Algebraic Structure of Distributed Word RepresentationsArora, Sanjeev
2018Goldstein, MaxwellPAC-Bayes Regularization for Learning Controllers that Generalize Across EnvironmentsArora, Sanjeev; Abbe, Emmanuel
2015Tu, Brian ChangPractical Exploration of Randomized Features For Classification TasksArora, Sanjeev