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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2006Edwards, Thomas J.Active Pith Control in Marine Propellers: An ExperimentArnold, Craig B.
2010Horgan, Amanda LynnCapacity Fade in Lithium-Ion Batteries Due to Creep in Polymer SeparatorsArnold, Craig B.
2017Cohens, KahdeemA Comparative Analysis of the Crystalline Structure and Microstructure of Additively and Traditionally Manufactured MaterialsArnold, Craig B.
2009Kawasaki, Jason KenDesign and Fabrication of a Nanoscale Thermal Anemometry Probe Via Directed Electrochemical Nanowire AssemblyArnold, Craig B.
2006Lowery, Nathan; Douville, SebastienDesign of a Novel Transesterification Reactor for the Large-Scale Production of BiodieselArnold, Craig B.
2012Kao, EmmelineDevelopment and Analysis of Organometallic Electrolyte Solutions for Magnesium BatteriesArnold, Craig B.
2014O'Neil, Kathleen C.The Effect of a Flywheel on the Stability of a Riderless BicycleArnold, Craig B.
2010Cleary, Catherine MayThe Effect of Variable Charging Conditions on a Wind Turbine Battery SystemArnold, Craig B.
2016Melesse, Bizuwork BerhanuElectrochemical Performance Studies of Cathode Materials Based on Sulfur/Carbon Composites and Transition Metal Chalcogenides for Rechargeable Lithium- and Magnesium-Ion BatteriesArnold, Craig B.
2012Cheng, Kevin; Heinz, David; Landon, AlexandraEnhanced Composite Phase Change Materials for Thermal Storage ApplicationsArnold, Craig B.
2012Kearney, Richard; O'Connell, Kathryn; Slovenski, DavidFLOAT: Floating Low-Profile Orthogonal Axis TurbineArnold, Craig B.
2017Yang, HannahFlow-Electrode Capacitive DeionizationArnold, Craig B.
2009Yersak, Thomas AlexanderLaser Direct Write of TiO2 Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsArnold, Craig B.
2009Atre, Ashwin Alexander CoorsLaser Direct-Write Induced Texturing of LiCoO2 Microparticles for Secondary MicrobatteriesArnold, Craig B.
2004Louden, Charles CameronMaterial Selection and Treatment for the Roll Cage of a Rally Race CarArnold, Craig B.
2011Stafford, Meredith LarkinMaterials Optimization for Laser-Printed Thin-Film Lithium-Ion MicrobatteriesArnold, Craig B.
2014Leng, Collen Z.Mechanical Properties of Lithium-Ion Battery SeparatorsArnold, Craig B.
2015Nist-Lund, Carl AlexMg, Al, Cl, and F Walk into a Coin-Cell… Electrolyte Solutions and Strategies for Rechargeable Magnesium-ion BatteriesArnold, Craig B.
2015Akinlawon, FiyinfoluwaMicroturbine Combined Cooling and Power: A Cold Storage Solution for the Nigerian Agricultural IndustryArnold, Craig B.
2009Scholl, Jonathan AndrewModification of Hydrous Ruthenium Oxide with Laser Direct-Write Processing for Supercapacitor ApplicationsArnold, Craig B.