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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-LaBrada, Eloy Francisco RodriguezThe Age of Inexperience: Theories of Unlived Love in Early Modern FranceBrodsky, Claudia; Alliston, April
2002Albertson, Kristen EmilyBaudelaire's Boulevards, Aragon's Arcades, and Calle's Camera: Paris and the Literature of (Post) ModernityAlliston, April
2007Austin, Byron"Camp!": The Triumph of Parody and DeconstructionAlliston, April
1996Gaskins, MatthewDouble Spaced On Hans Henny Jahnn's Die Nacht aus BleiAlliston, April
2002Hickok, Jessica PorterEnlightenment for Dummies, Embracing Duality: Hesse's Balancing ActAlliston, April
2010Dantzlerward, Alexandra JayneGeorg Lukács on the Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel: A Logical AmendmentAlliston, April
1997Fry, Heather M.Identity and Self-Worth: Commonalities of Theme in "Go Tell It On the Mountain" and "O Pays, Mon Beau Peuple!"Alliston, April
1997Mulroney, Renee M.The Imagined Mountain? Nature, Perception, and the Observer in Poems of Wordsworth and LamartineAlliston, April
2008Urena, CarolynThe Power of Christ Compels You: Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a Conversion TextAlliston, April
2010Brady, Alexander FosterPreface to an Adaptation: Orientalism, Inter-Societal Dialogue and ‘le thème du naïf’ in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince.Alliston, April
2007Jensen, MarisThe Self and the Other: Rivalrous (A)symmetry through Lacan and LevinasAlliston, April
2006Erickson, Kailee; Thirolf, John; Dickerson, Narin; Kleinman, Aaron; Nelson, Paul(Thesis Not Received)Alliston, April
2019Zabel, AnnabelThrough the Eyes of the Victim: Depicting Women’s Trauma in Expressionist TheaterSandberg, Robert; Alliston, April
1993Pacini, GiuliaVoyeuristic Reading: (A) Reading (of) "Le Voyeur"Alliston, April
1999Perry, JenniferWhere Does Revolution Lead Us? Passion, Repression, and Rebellion in Merimee's Carmen and Lorca's Bodas de SangreAlliston, April