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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Mack, Jessica RobinA Campus for Mexico: Knowledge and Power in UNAM's University CityAdelman, Jeremy
-Davis, Teresa EAmerica for Humanity: Law, Liberalism and Empire in the South Atlantic (1870-1939)Adelman, Jeremy
-Cala Buendía, FelipeThe Art of Voice: Culture-based Advocacy and Political Action in Latin AmericaAdelman, Jeremy
1993Meyer, Elizabeth A.Barrios, Burgess and the Bible: The Early Protestant Penetration of Guatemala, 1882-1930Adelman, Jeremy
1993Dalfen, ArielBeyond the Boundaries of the Four Sacred Mountains: The Efficacy of United States Government Efforts at Resolving the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute 1958-1992Adelman, Jeremy
2022Konkel, RobBuilding Blocs: Raw Materials and the Global Economy in the Age of DisequilibriumAdelman, Jeremy
1999Goodson, Katherine TaylorThe Center Cannot Hold: The Ideological Civil War and Disintegration of Democracy in Argentina, 1973-1976Adelman, Jeremy
1994Moran, Maria VeronicaThe Challenge of Using Central American Economic Integration to Promote National Development in El SalvadorAdelman, Jeremy
1993McPherson, David C.Crises and a Nationalization: The Mexican Oil Expropriations of 1938Adelman, Jeremy
2022Sears, KylaDEAD MEN TELL NO TALES: English Manipulation of the Barbary Captivity Narrative in the 17th CenturyAdelman, Jeremy
1994Clarke, Roy AdrianDisturbing Law and Order: The Roles of Working Class Organization and Agitation in the Political Reformation of Barbados (1937-1946)Adelman, Jeremy
1994Millan, Francisco M. FuentesFragments of Argentina A History of a Divided Nation Failing in the Attempt to Reconcile and Integrate Itself under an Inclusionary RegimeAdelman, Jeremy
2020Haddad, RamziFree Banking's Evolution: The Development of Financial Systems During the Free Banking Era in the American NorthwestAdelman, Jeremy
1996Stephens, Linda MarieGender Wars: An Analysis of Gender Representation in the Political Discourse in Nineteenth Century ArgentinaAdelman, Jeremy
1993Ramirez, SilviaGender, Control and Disorder: Women in Colonial MexicoAdelman, Jeremy
2023Drapkin, SarahIN SEARCH AND SERVICE OF “MAN”: Israel Drapkin and the International Evolution of Twentieth Century CriminologyAdelman, Jeremy
-Onate-Madrazo, AndreaInsurgent Diplomacy: El Salvador's Transnational Revolution, 1970-1992Adelman, Jeremy
-Fajardo, Maria MargaritaThe Latin American Experience with Development: Social Sciences, Economic Policies, and the Making of a Global Order, 1944-1971Adelman, Jeremy
1996McLochlin, Michael PatrickThe Management of a Lifeblood: An Assessment of Water Relations in the Texas-Mexico Border Region Since 1944Adelman, Jeremy
1994Connally, Katherine'The March of the Empty Pans, Women, and the Conflict of Public and Private in Allende's Chile'Adelman, Jeremy