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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2017Cellon, AdamEpileptic Feature Extraction via Convolutional Neural NetworksVerma, Naveen
-Zhang, JintaoExploring Mixed-signal Computation for Energy Aggressive Interface ArchitecturesVerma, Naveen
2013Solomon, VictoriaThe Eyes Say It All: A Low-Cost Communication Device for Patients with ALSVerma, Naveen
2012Moy, Tiffany TangFlexible Microelectrode Arrays with Dural Regeneration Incorporating a Thin Film Transistor Circuit for Chronic Neural RecordingVerma, Naveen
2019Melnick, GilHearing Places: Source Localization with Microphone ArraysVerma, Naveen
-Hu, YingzheHybrid System Architectures and Circuits Combining Large-Area Electronics and CMOS ICsVerma, Naveen
2019Hsia, SamuelImplementation and Analysis of a Capacitive Sensing Network for Intelligent Physically-Integrated Sensing ApplicationsVerma, Naveen
2020Pattnaik, AkashInvestigating Sensor Fusion Models for Human Activity RecognitionVerma, Naveen
2011Song, KatherineLarge Area Circuits for a Hybrid Macroelectronics-Nanoelectronics Active Monitoring SystemVerma, Naveen
-Huang, LiechaoLeveraging the Advantages of Large-Area Electronics and CMOS ICs in Hybrid Systems and CircuitsVerma, Naveen
2011Fortner, Michael JamesLogic Design of Wireless Communication for a Personal Medical DeviceVerma, Naveen
-Lee, Kyong HoLow-power biomedical processors with embedded machine-learning accelerators for analytically-intractable physiological signalsVerma, Naveen
2011Miller, AlfredMicroelectrode Arrays Employing Collagen for Improved Neural RecordingVerma, Naveen
2015Liu, YunzhiMindMotion: Modular Brainwave and Gesture Musical SystemVerma, Naveen
2018Kodali, SreelaMonitoring Mental Health with a Multimodal Sensor System and Low-power Specialized HardwareVerma, Naveen
2014Lam Shang Leen, AilsaOptimising Systems Combining Sensor Inputs: An EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface Game As A Case StudyVerma, Naveen; Martonosi, Margaret
2019Ham, EricOptimizing Neural Network Performance by Integrating ASICs Optimized for Machine Learning with SDRAMVerma, Naveen
2018Redmond, JoeReduction of Non-Actionable Alarms in Pulse Oximeters through Personalized Threshold ReparameterizationVerma, Naveen
-Wang, ZhuoRelaxing the Implementation of Embedded Sensing Systems through Machine Learning and Statistical OptimizationVerma, Naveen