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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2009Hines, Lily KatharineGerrymandering: An Operations Research ApproachVanderbei, Robert
2016Su, JohnGiving Color to the Financial Markets: Macroeconomic Information Engineering Through Machine Learning and Portfolio OptimizationVanderbei, Robert
2009Scharf, Gordon Carl MaxwellGrade Rank: A Mathematical Approach to Contextualizing GradesVanderbei, Robert
2014Chai, HanfuImage Processing and Computer Vision in Basketball Detection and TrackingVanderbei, Robert
1995Woolbert, Jeffrey S.Inbound Freight Network Improvements: A Case Study of Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.Vanderbei, Robert
2019Kelly, AdamKernel-Based Outlier Detection For IoT NetworksVanderbei, Robert
2013Kaelin, ChristinaThe Linear Simplex Method: Investigations of Cycling and Application to Markov Decision ProcessesVanderbei, Robert
2014Fierstein, LisaMeasuring Portfolio Risk: Using the Markowitz Model, Conditional Value at Risk, and Risk Parity for Asset Allocation in Medium-Duration InvestmentsVanderbei, Robert
2011Chu, HenryNon-Redundant Aperture Masking and its Application in the Analysis of Stars with Planetary SystemVanderbei, Robert
2002Gonzalez, ChristopherOperation Pluto: A Mission to the Planet of DarknessVanderbei, Robert
2002Rosskamm, MichaelOptimal High School Size in an Urban EnvironmentVanderbei, Robert
2011Kim, Soo KyungOptimal Yield Management Strategy for the concert Industry: The Newsvendor Problem with PricingVanderbei, Robert
1995Mathey, Roderic M.Optimization of Two- and Three-Dimensional StructuresVanderbei, Robert
2016Xuto, Poon BeeOptimizing a Portfolio of Impact Investments: A Focus on Practicality and Financial PerformanceVanderbei, Robert
2011Narain, Chetan HariPredicting Politics: A Mathematical Approach to Parsing and Evaluating Presidential Campaign SpeechesVanderbei, Robert
2001McDell, JamaalQuasi-Data Envelopment Analysis: A Guide to Fairer, and More Personalized College RankingsVanderbei, Robert
2008Yegya-Raman, AnandReal Options Analysis as Applied to Research and Development Project Valuation in the Pharmaceutical IndustryVanderbei, Robert
2011Connolly, James ColemanA Regression Analysis of Madden NFL Team and Player RatingsVanderbei, Robert
2019Nag, RikScheduling Exoplanet Observations Across A Network Of TelescopesVanderbei, Robert