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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2019Campeau, MichelleEating Clean: Using Nutrition, Environmental Sustainability, and Personal Preference to Create an Ideal Diet PlanVanderbei, Robert
2018Manoloff, AlexEffective & Effectively Trading Information: Exploring the Extent to Which Continuing Disclosures Affect the Secondary Market for Municipal SecuritiesVanderbei, Robert
2012Xia, Mark TengEstablishing Practical Diets that Meet USDA and IOM Dietary Guidelines Using Mixed-Integer Linear ProgrammingVanderbei, Robert
2015Samuels, JoshuaExploring New Worlds: Simulating Coronagraph Data for Exoplanet DetectionVanderbei, Robert
2013Chang, IrisFace Detection, Tracking Methods, and Image Processing: A MATLAB ApproachVanderbei, Robert
2001Korpita, Dylan E.The Future of the Strategic Petroleum ReserveVanderbei, Robert
2009Hines, Lily KatharineGerrymandering: An Operations Research ApproachVanderbei, Robert
2016Su, JohnGiving Color to the Financial Markets: Macroeconomic Information Engineering Through Machine Learning and Portfolio OptimizationVanderbei, Robert
2009Scharf, Gordon Carl MaxwellGrade Rank: A Mathematical Approach to Contextualizing GradesVanderbei, Robert
2014Chai, HanfuImage Processing and Computer Vision in Basketball Detection and TrackingVanderbei, Robert
1995Woolbert, Jeffrey S.Inbound Freight Network Improvements: A Case Study of Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.Vanderbei, Robert
2019Kelly, AdamKernel-Based Outlier Detection For IoT NetworksVanderbei, Robert
2013Kaelin, ChristinaThe Linear Simplex Method: Investigations of Cycling and Application to Markov Decision ProcessesVanderbei, Robert
2014Fierstein, LisaMeasuring Portfolio Risk: Using the Markowitz Model, Conditional Value at Risk, and Risk Parity for Asset Allocation in Medium-Duration InvestmentsVanderbei, Robert
2011Chu, HenryNon-Redundant Aperture Masking and its Application in the Analysis of Stars with Planetary SystemVanderbei, Robert
2002Gonzalez, ChristopherOperation Pluto: A Mission to the Planet of DarknessVanderbei, Robert
2002Rosskamm, MichaelOptimal High School Size in an Urban EnvironmentVanderbei, Robert
2011Kim, Soo KyungOptimal Yield Management Strategy for the concert Industry: The Newsvendor Problem with PricingVanderbei, Robert
1995Mathey, Roderic M.Optimization of Two- and Three-Dimensional StructuresVanderbei, Robert
2016Xuto, Poon BeeOptimizing a Portfolio of Impact Investments: A Focus on Practicality and Financial PerformanceVanderbei, Robert