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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
-Jacoby-Senghor, Drew SedarImplicit Homophily: Effects of implicit outgroup bias on ingroup affiliationSinclair, Stacey
2019Prasad, SimiLooking for Mr. Right or Mr. He’ll Do?: The Impact of Single Stigma on Relationship AttitudesSinclair, Stacey
2013Wooster, AudreyMeeting Threats and Darkness in Slow Motion: The Effect of Racial Attitudes and Environmental Threat on Interracial Motion PerceptionSinclair, Stacey
-Eikenburg, Lindsey BrookeRacial Diversity, Racial Bias, and Students' Well-Being within Collegiate Micro-ClimatesShelton, Nicole; Sinclair, Stacey
2012Johnson, JessicaRacial Stereotypicality and Academic Achievement: An Attempt at Extending Our Understanding of African American Academic UnderperformanceSinclair, Stacey
2013Chen, SarahShades of Black: An Exploration of the Racial Phenotypicality Bias in Education-Related JudgmentsSinclair, Stacey
2012Fang, ShuaiA Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Leadership Gender Gap: The Effect of Modesty Norms on Likelihood of Leadership PursuitSinclair, Stacey
2015Davis, TylerSocial Judgements Beyond Stigma by AssociationSinclair, Stacey
-Kenrick, Andreana C.Social Tuning and Shared Reality: Downstream Consequences in Intergroup Attitudes and RelationsSinclair, Stacey
2013Gassaway, JaclynStigma by Association in Interracial Contexts: The Effects of Stereotypicality, Proportion, and ClosenessSinclair, Stacey
2016Jah, RoheyStigma by Association: Examining the Role of Implicit Bias and Contextual Factors in the Perception of Cross-racial InteractionsSinclair, Stacey
2013Cook, ElizabethWho Will I Be: The Effect of Identity Salience on Black Women’s Perceptions of DiscriminationSinclair, Stacey
2016Perasso, LuciaWriting About Life: Improving intergroup relations through expressive writingSinclair, Stacey