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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2011Atkins, Elizabeth Anna"telling stories more stories" Exploring the Stories in Caryl Churchill's The SkrikerSandberg, Robert
2002Barrabee, Robert WestonTen Plays, Seven Films, Five Categories, and Two Writers: An Investigation of Drama and Cinema Through the Works of David Mamet and Sam ShepardSandberg, Robert
1997Shoup, Anne Loretta BishopThat's Sensational News: The Effects of the Market on Journalistic Language and Human PerceptionSandberg, Robert
2016Young, MorganA Theatrical Performance of "Disco Pigs" by Edna Walsh; directed by Morgan YoungAgins, Suzanne; Sandberg, Robert
2016-A Theatrical Production of "Cloud Nine" by Carol ChurchillSandberg, Robert
2016Ude, Ogemdithere. remainingSandberg, Robert
2006Pan, XuequnThe Thousand-Stringed Instrument (a play)Sandberg, Robert
1998Milanaik, David AbramThree Kings Holiday -- playSandberg, Robert
2019Zabel, AnnabelThrough the Eyes of the Victim: Depicting Women’s Trauma in Expressionist TheaterSandberg, Robert; Alliston, April
2015Mulling, KanoaTo The Other Shore: An Actor’s Meditation on a Year of TheatreSandberg, Robert
2019Soucy, LukeTom Stoppard's The Invention of Love: A Critical EditionSandberg, Robert
1998Ferraro, Marina LyonsToto, This Ain't Kansas: the Interpretation, Appropriation, and Enunciation of The Wizard of Oz -- critical analysisSandberg, Robert
2003Braveman, Anne WallaceTouch-and-Go (Play in Two Acts)Sandberg, Robert
1997Rangel, John MatthewTransforming The Stage: The Effect of Make-Up in Modern DramaSandberg, Robert
2006Mains, Benjamin AlexanderWaiting For Gogo: A Juxtaposition of Textual and Perfromative Approaches to BeckettSandberg, Robert
1996Helm, Danielle AnitraThe White WomanSandberg, Robert