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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2010Lavine, Joshua EvanHeart and SpineSandberg, Robert
2007Wolman, Scott D.Honey, I'm Home! Reconsidering the creative value of the sitcomSandberg, Robert
1998Vernon IV, John Henry"How Can They See With Sequins in Their Eyes?" -- An examination of the parallels between Bertolt Brecht's collaborations with Kurt Weill and the contemporary American musical theater as represented by selected works from Stephen Sondheim and Bob FosseSandberg, Robert
2016Giovine, EvelynHowling Bitch: An Exploration of Femininity in Sophocles’ Electra Through Study and PerformanceSandberg, Robert
2011Baron, Bradley GregoryIn the Waste: A Theban Cycle (playwriting)Sandberg, Robert
2000Fornia, Sarah McCollThe Lady Killers (play)Sandberg, Robert
2011Pease-Kerr, Sarah MariaLearning the Routes as (S)he Goes: Director as Storyteller and Theatrical AdaptationSandberg, Robert
2010Milller, Paul JosephLost and FoundSandberg, Robert
2016Hayden, SonyaThe Luckiest GirlHeard, Ethan; Sandberg, Robert
2014Alter, RachelMARGO in MARGOLAND--A New PlaySandberg, Robert
2002Brandes, Amanda J.Not Guilty, Uncle Sam? Social Criticism, Patriotism, Ambition, and Cynical Idealism: Re-envisioning Chicago: The MusicalSandberg, Robert
2008Naman, Natalia D.The Old Ship of Zion (playwriting)Sandberg, Robert
1999Smiley, Robert Dogulason walden pond--a transcendental comedy (playwriting)Sandberg, Robert
1996Taylor, Jr., Robert EdwardOne Eyed's and Suicides: A Play in Five ActsSandberg, Robert
2000Huynh, Dieu-Dao NgocOne Fifth My Soul (play)Sandberg, Robert
2002Han, JaneOperation DoomsdaySandberg, Robert
2007Mason, Roger Q.Orange Woman: A Ballad for a Moor (playwriting)Sandberg, Robert
2000Boynton, Heather ElizabethPast Terms (screenplay)Sandberg, Robert
1998Heng, Francesca RemyThe Persistent Muse -- playSandberg, Robert
2004Brundige, David LesliePigtails (A Play)Sandberg, Robert