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Class YearAuthor(s)TitleAdvisor
2014Brown, RandolphFat Taxes, or Thin Subsidies? Fruit and vegetable subsidy effectiveness on health outcomesReichman, Nancy
2020Wahlstedt, ElizabethFinancial Incentives on Family Formation Behavior: Evidence from Health Insurance and the United States Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dependent Coverage MandateReichman, Nancy
2007Ellenbogen, MichaelThe Financing of US Medical Education and the Predicted Shortage of Physicians: How to Change the System to Avert a CrisisReichman, Nancy
1996Goodwin, Matthew D.The Future of Medical ResearchReichman, Nancy
2020Miller, KobeGeospatial Effects of Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries on High School Academic PerformanceReichman, Nancy
2011Thompson, MeghanGiving Time Assistance to an Aging Mother: The Impact of Intergenerational Time Transfers on Adult Child Health BehaviorsReichman, Nancy
2012Şenyuva, NazlıHappily Never After? An Economical Study On How Male Partners and Relationship Dynamics Influence Women’s Use of Emergency ContraceptionReichman, Nancy
2012Wender, MatthewHospice Ownership: The Impact of Profit Status on The Quality and Cost of End-of-life Care in CaliforniaReichman, Nancy
2011Rosen, AlexHospital Ownership: An Empirical Study of its Effect on the Quality and Cost of Medical Care in the United StatesReichman, Nancy
2007Harris, Frank R.How Has the Medical Environment Affected the Medical School Decision? An Empirical Analysis of Economic Factors' Effects on Medical School ApplicationsReichman, Nancy
2019Schmickel, OliverThe Impact of Capitated Hospital Budgets on Patient Outcomes: An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Maryland’s 2010 Total Patient Revenue ProgramReichman, Nancy
2022Madsen, JakeImpact of Food and Drug Administration Drug Approval Announcements On Sponsoring Firm's Stock Price (2017-2021)Reichman, Nancy
2010Jones, AliceThe Impact of Welfare Reform on Breast-FeedingReichman, Nancy
2013Li, LindaInsurance Status and Treatment Intensity: The Case of Elective Cesarean SectionReichman, Nancy
2007Kennedy, DanielleThe Integrated Analysis of Fathers' and Mothers' Demographics as Determinants of Marital StatusReichman, Nancy
2010Pereira-Kamath, NikhilInter-Firm Partnerships and the Determinants of Acquisitions within the Biopharmaceutical IndustryReichman, Nancy
2019Sudduth, ZoeInvesting in Soft Skills: The Effect of Maternal Education on Child Noncognitive and Cognitive OutcomesReichman, Nancy
2009Gemberling, BradleyLet's talk About Sex: Effects of Sex Education on Risky Sexual Behavior in Young AdulthoodReichman, Nancy
1996Gerke, Matthew W.Making Work Pay: The Earned Income Tax Credit and Welfare ReformReichman, Nancy